Gerri Halliwell: Dedicated Mum!

Friday 7:04 AM, 12/06/2009
Gerri Halliwell: Dedicated Mum!



They look exactly alike!

They look exactly alike!

Mommy takes care of everything!

Mommy takes care of everything!

Being a single mum in Hollywood is a tough business, but like many other celeb moms, Geri Halliwell seems to be able to do it all! She takes her cutie daughter Bluebell Madonna to her nursery by herself, come rain or shine! Yesterday was a rainy day and poor little Bluebell slipped and fell on the slippery street. No nannies came to the rescue, Geri took care of everything herself and she handled it so quickly and smoothly, a real old pro mom! Good for you Geri!
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