Girls Go Crazy for Tokio Hotel!

Tuesday 10:53 PM, 29/09/2009
Girls Go Crazy for Tokio Hotel!

Bill and Georg

Gotta love him!

Gotta love him!

The boys from smash hit band Tokio Hotel made an appearance on hilarious Spanish TV Show El Hormiguero yesterday and they had the crowd in complete chaos! The german cuties answered some questions about there album and spoke a lot of bad Spanish, but the girls didn't seem to mind, in fact, they screamed and cried anytime Bill Kaulitz or one of the other guys Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer said or did anything! Must be fun to be a teenage heart throb! Bill is so dreamy and special, we understand why the girls go nuts for him!

Take a look:
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sofii(non member) 1
28/01/2010 8:10 PM
bill ♥ jajaja te amo!!!

anka7463(non member) 2
13/02/2010 3:01 PM
Bill jest taki słodki

gosc.xd(non member) 3
10/03/2010 6:21 PM

katxx(non member) 4
27/06/2010 4:31 PM
omg tokio hotel u make the english girls go
bonkers as well u is sooo fit woop woop

MK483(non member) 5
19/02/2011 5:36 PM

Birsje(non member) 6
08/03/2011 6:53 PM
i love you Bill and Tom!!!
but Georg and Gustav
should get some more attention to becouse they're
verry nice and also kinda cute.

Tokio Hotel
kisses from Holland!!

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