Generation Kill

13 July, 2008
War, Drama
6 nominations
Generation Kill is based on the Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright´s book about his experiences during the Iraq war´s first phase in 2003. Generation Kill has 28 starring cast members and the majority of characters are from the Second Platoon of the First Reconnaissance Battalion's Bravo Company.
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Generation Kill

Actor: Alexander Skarsgard

Top 9! Flirty Fun Facts About Alexander Skarsgard!

Monday 7:11 PM, 21/01/2013
He likes sailing and fishing. How Swedish of him! His favorite food is Mexican food. Remember that if you're interested in asking him out! He describes himself as intense and emotional, and says he easily gets hurt in a relationship due to that. He likes big dogs! No Hollywood chihuahuas here! He doesn't like eating sweets!. At all! His one exception is vanilla ice cream... He loves going whale watching. Well, we'd do anything for this guy, so why not? Besides soccer, his favorite sport is bowling! At first, when he moved to New York, he was renting a room at a Filipino fashion designer's apartment!
Alexander Skarsgard is a Swedish actor, and he's best known for his role as vampire Eric Northman on tv series True Blood. But do you wanna get to know him a little better? Well, that's easy! We've listed 9 fun and flirty facts about this super hunk - so just click on the pics and read all about him!
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Premiere of the new HBO-series True Blood

Friday 4:41 PM, 05/09/2008
Alexander Skarsgård is a hot Swedish actor currently starring in both Generation Kill and True Blood, both HBO series. The picture shows Alexander at the premiere of True Blood, held at The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.
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