Gavin Rossdale

30 October 1965, London, England
49 years

Pearl Lowe, Gwen Stefani
Gavin Rossdale is a successful British musician whose band Bush have enjoyed enormous success. He is married to Gwen Stefani and they have a son, Kingston. He also has a daughter, Daisy Lowe, with Pearl Lowe.

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Hot Celebrity Bods!

Sunday 12:01 PM, 12/12/2010
Mario Lopez Usher Nelly Justin Timberlake Matthew McConaughey Eric Dane Gavin Rossdale
We don't mind seeing these guys in clothes, let alone with their shirts off! David Beckham, Gavin Rossdale and Justin Timberlake are among those Hollywood stars with the hottest bods in show business! Take a look at their sixpacks and vote for your favorite!


Hollywood's hottest bod belongs to:

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Kingston Doesn't Mind Manicures!

Sunday 5:45 PM, 28/11/2010
Most guys would rather die than go with their girlfriends to get their nails done but not Kingston Rossdale! Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's son didn't seem to mind at all when his mom brought him with her to get a manicure at a nail salon in West Hollywood! We wish more men were like you Kingston!

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Gwen and Gavin - Still So Much In Love!

Tuesday 7:08 AM, 16/11/2010
They are always touching!
Who said there was no such thing as married bliss in showbiz? Against all the odds of a rockstar couple, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale seem just as in love right now as they did in the beginning of their relationship. What's even better about them is that they have not become boring either. They were totally the funkiest couple in the park yesterday as they played with their kids Zuma and Kingston Rossdale!
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Gavin Rossdale Speaks Out About Gay Lover!

Thursday 4:09 PM, 14/10/2010
Naughty naughty! He is happy with Gwen now and we bet they both have crazy stories to tell from when they were young and wild! Their cute kids Zuma and Kingston Rossdale
Last year everyone was shocked when a transexual called "Marilyn" claimed that he/she had an affair with Gavin Rossdale back when they were teens. We didn't really believe and neither did anyone else, but now in a tell-all interview with Details Magazine, Gavin admits its true!

He claims it was a one night stand experimental thing between friends that was never serious and Gavin says it helped him realize what he likes and what he likes best is his wife Gwen Stefani and the couples children. We believe him and we think its kind of cool that he has such a wild rock 'n roll past and is now happily settled down... read more of the interview here

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Gavin and Gwen Make Time For Play!

Tuesday 7:07 AM, 27/07/2010
Funky Mommy! Gotta love those!
We spotted rock's funkiest family Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani and their kids out having a fun day in Beverly Hills yesterday. So what does a stylish rockstar family do for fun? Shop for trendy clothes of course! We just love little Zuma's boots don't you?
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Gwen Stefani Loves Birthday Parties!

Monday 3:00 PM, 05/07/2010
Gwen Stefani looked thrilled when she left Party City in LA yesterday holding a bouquet of balloons! The singer and her family, including husband Gavin Rossdale and their sons Kingston and Zuma Rossdale, were there to buy party supplies but we can't figure out who for! None of their birthdays are in July so we assume that the balloons were for a friend! Nice of them in that case!
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