Gary Dourdan

11 December 1966, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
48 years

Roshumba Williams
Gary Dourdan is an American actor of French, Jewish, Irish, Scottish, African and Indian descent. Plays Warrick on the hit TV-show CSI. Has two children, Nyla and Lyric. Was recently arrested for drug possession but was freed on all charges.
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Karl and Lindsay Party at VIP Room!

Sunday 10:13 AM, 07/03/2010
Gary Dourdan Lindsay Lohan with guest Lindsay Karl Lagerfeld
When VIP Room throws a party in the middle of Fashion Week in Paris it's probably not surprising that it managed to attract a number of very famous guests! Both Karl Lagerfeld and Lindsay Lohan were in the mood to party and VIP Room's manager Jean Roch must have been more than pleased with the turnout!
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Hot like no other

Gary Dourdan eating tapas with his hot girlfriend!

Monday 2:47 AM, 06/07/2009
Gary Dourdan eating tapas with his hot girlfriend!
Sorry Gary, you don't look as hot as your girlfriend when you eat... What's up with that look Gary?
American actor Gary Dourdan, who got his breakthrough in CSI, attended the racquetball tournament in Valladolid with his Spanish girlfriend. The couple enjoyed some tapas as Gary's girlfriend got far more attention than himself! Gary Dourdan sure got himself a really got looking girlfriend..!
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Latest news!

Gary Dourdan avoids jail!

Thursday 10:06 AM, 29/05/2008
Gary Dourdan's mugshot
The CSI star Gary Dourdan was arrested for drug possession not long ago and yesterday he pleaded guilty to the possession of cocaine and ecstasy charges. The heroin charges were dropped completely. The actor will however not do any time in jail and will instead enter a treatment program that consists of 30 hours of lessons, usually meeting about once a week. Dourdan was ordered to sign up for the program before June 11th and according to sources he as already done so. After completing the treatment program all charges against the actor will be dropped. Special treatment because he's a celebrity? We think so! Source: TMZ.
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CSI's Gary Dourdan busted for drug possession!

Wednesday 8:22 AM, 30/04/2008
Gary Dourdan, who most of you probably recognise as Warrick Brown from the hit TV-show CSI was busted yesterday in Palm Springs on suspicion of drug possession. Dourdan was found asleep in his car at 05:21 in the morning and is suspected to have had heroine, cocaine, ecastacy and other prescription drugs on him at the time. According to reports the actor was taken to the Palm Springs jail where he posted a $5000 bail and left. Source:TMZ.
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