Gabriel Aubry

4 January 1976, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
39 years

Halle Berry
Gabriel Aubry is a Canadian model who reached supermodel-status when he made a campaign with Hugo Boss. He is the owner of Cafe Fuego, a resturant in New York City, and has released his own music album. Gabriel Aubry is one of nine siblings and has got a daughter together with actress Halle Berry.
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Halle Berry Ordered To Pay Her Ex $16,000 A Month!

Tuesday 10:14 AM, 10/06/2014
Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry split in 2010 and has been fighting ever since. Now a judge has directed Berry to pay Aubry $16,000 a m...READ MORE ▶
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Halle Berry Wants To Move To France: Her Ex Says NO!

Friday 8:42 AM, 10/02/2012
The happy couple!
Halle Berry has recently stated that she wants to move to France with her fiancee, Olivier Martinez, and her daughter, Nahla Aubry. The only thing ...READ MORE ▶
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Hot Guy Alert: Gabriel Aubry Has Style!

Wednesday 12:18 PM, 05/10/2011
Hottie! Gabriel and Halle were a couple until 2010 and they had a super cute daughter, Nahla, together! We love this laid back style on Gabriel!
Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, is not just ridiculously hot but he's also incredibly stylish! Gabriel is a model and has been on People's "Most Beautiful People" list and we understand why! We love his laid back and casual style: worn out cardigans, basic sweaters, old jeans! Guys take note, simple is sexy! Click on the pics to ogle at Gabriel's hotness!

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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry - Is the Battle Over?!

Thursday 1:03 PM, 17/02/2011
They used to be so good together - what happened?
Its all over the headlines - Halle Berry has pretty much won the first round of the nasty custody battle with her ex Gabriel Aubry over their daugh...READ MORE ▶
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Berry and Aubry fight over their daughter's skin color!

Tuesday 4:08 PM, 08/02/2011
The quarrel between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry continues, and it just gets dirtier and dirtier! Last week we reported about the custody dispute....READ MORE ▶
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Halle Berry's Ex Has The Dirt On Her!

Thursday 8:46 AM, 03/02/2011
Oh this is going to hurt! As you know, Halle Berry and her gorgeous ex Gabriel Aubry are in a huge custody battle over their daughter Nahla now and they have started taking cheap shots at each other in the press, especially Halle, who has accused Gabriel of being a racist and an unfit parent so and its only been a few days!

Halle needs to be careful though, because Gabriel has just announced that he has recorded emails and voicemail messages from Halle where she is going off in jealous and angry rages at him. Unlike other famous Hollywood exes, Gabriel says he won't release the recordings to the press, he is saving them to use them where they will hurt most, in family court! Watch your back Halle Berry! (Radar)
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