Lea Michele's Top Ten Most Ridiculous Poses!

Lea Michele works a fierce game on the Red Carpet. Over the past few years we've watched as Lea has grown from a timid Hollywood newcomer to a true drama queen. We picked some of Lea's most dramatic Red Carpet poses, she really favors the "glance from over the shoulder" pose but she has a few other key elements like intense eyes, tilting her chest forward, and pouty lips. We wonder if she practices these poses in her mirror at home? Click on the photos to see more of Lea's poses!
Lea Michele dark blue mermaid gown statement necklace
10. Is she voguing or saluting?
Lea Michele white quilted dress teased hair sexy pose
09. What a fierce look, Tyra Banks would be so proud!
Lea Michele sexy pose sexy face posing grey and gold dress with silver bow
08. Show us some leg!
Lea Michele over the shoulder pose slicked back pony tail blue dress
07. Lea manages to look coy while flashing some ankle. Oh, behave!
Lea Michele marchesa white column dress
06. The hair, the eyes, the hand on the hip!
Lea Michele fierce pose black marchese dress tall black heels slicked back ponytail
05. Lea's "come hither" look.
Lea Michele yellow dress red lips black hair bangs
04. Sorry but this pose reminds us of a proud peacock!
Lea Michele white dress over the shoulder pose
03. Over the shoulder!
Lea Michele black dress slit up the leg showing off leg thigh high red lips sexy pose
02. "Oh hey, is that a camera? Taking pictures? Of me?"
Lea Michele red lips green bracelet black dress with lace detail
Source: WENN.com
01. Like SJP, Lea really tries to work the garment! We love it!
Published Aug 16 2011 3:11 PM
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