10 Celebrities Who Are Older Than You Thought!

Some celebrities seem to not age at all! We found out the real age of 10 celebs who look way younger! We promise that this list is going to surprise you and make you feel really old or really young. Click on the pics to find out the revealing truth!
Cory Monteith black blazer white shirt
It's kind of hard to believe that Gwen Stefani is 42.
Johnny Depp glasses white blazer
Cory Monteith is 29, he will be 30 on May 11th. That is so hard to believe, he looks so young!
Jim Parsons checked shirt green tie
Brad Pitt black blazer black tie white shirt long hair
The "Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons is 39, we thought he was much younger.
Melissa Joan Hart pattern blouse blonde hair
Brad Pitt is 48 and still so handsome.
Jared Leto black leather jacket black pants purple sneakers
Melissa Joan Hart is 36 now, she still look so young. Maybe she got some magical powers from "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"?!
Kirstie Alley black dress blonde hair sunglasses blue leather bag
Jared Leto is 40.
Sarah Hylan red carpet light pink dress
Kirstie Alley is 61. She looks much younger!
Gwen Stefani red lips white striped pants checked blazer blue leather bag
Sarah Hyland plays a typical teenage girl on Modern Family, but the actress is actually 21. She looks like 15.
Eva Mendes white strapless maxi dress brown hair
Source: WENN.com
Eva Mendes is 38.
Published Apr 30 2012 5:11 PM
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