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London, England
Fred Perry, Tibby Wegner
Fred Perry was a an English tennis player, a three-time Wimbledon champion and a World No. 1 player, who in the late 1940s was approached by Tibby Wegner (who invented the anti-perspirant device worn around the wrist). Together, they launched the Fred Perry polo shirt at Wimledon 1952 which became an immediate success. Perry laurel logo was even based on the old Wimbledon symbol, and like Lacoste brand's heritage is firmly rooted in it's tennis history. However, both of them have now expanded the line into a global market.
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Will Amy Winehouse's Fred Perry Clothing Line Continue?

Thursday 12:11 PM, 28/07/2011
Fred Perry jacket.
As you all probably know, Amy Winehouse has been working with the British clothing line, Fred Perry. Before her death, Amy said that, "We've pretty much done like up to autumn/winter 2012," which means there are still a few collections of Fred Perry by Amy Winehouse to be released. However, Fred Perry has placed a hold on the collection until they have a chance to speak to Amy's family and management. We hope they will release the other collections! We love both Amy and Fred Perry!

Do you own any Fred Perry by Amy Winehouse? Thoughts?
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