Frances Fisher

11 May 1952, Hampshire, England
62 years

Clint Eastwood
Frances Fisher is an American actress, born and raised in England. She has appeared in several movies and television series. Frances Fisher is probably mostly known for starring in the famous movie "Titanic" together with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. Fisher has a daughter, Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood, with actor Clint Eastwood.
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What a failure

This Week's 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 4:49 PM, 01/11/2009
8. We actually don't mind Taraji P. Henson's dress so much. Its that strange white powder below her eyes that are the real disaster here! Fire your makeup artist Taraji, that look is not hot at all! 7. Julianne Moore is not a young Hollywood starlet anymore, she is a veteran actress. So why is she wearing this way too youthful dress? The belt is almost as unsuited to her as the colour! Peach overkill! 6. Singer Kesha needs to remember the difference between rock 'n roll chic and just plain cheap! This is not the most appropriate outfit for a red carpet event! 5. Desperate Housewives star Dana Delaney's outfit is totally confusing! The top half is sophisticated lady with pearls and glasses and then from the skirt down it looks like her teenage daugther! Wierd! 4. We realise Perez Hilton was going to a party where he played around with spray paint and crayons, so its not the crazy colours. What bothers us is that he is dressed as a scary nun and it wasn't even a costume party! 3. Actress Frances Fisher arrived at an awards ceremony this week still wearing her nightdress. At least that is what it looked to us! Not acceptable, especially the ill-matching shoes! 2. Supermodel Lily Cole looks huge in this chunky sweater coat! Her hair pulled tightly back is not helping either! You would think a model would know better, so disappointing! 1. Pamela Anderson has done it again! Just we think we have seen the worst of her, she comes up with something even more hideous! Where do we start? The hair and makeup is a mess, her stomach is bloated and bulging almost as much as her breasts and that pink is just vulgar! Welcome back Pam!
It has been another fantastic week for fashion flops, with lots of late night parties and and a new season with some tricky trends! Our number one fashion disaster this week is such a regular on the list, we are wondering if we need to officially make her the worst dress celebrity of all time and just move on! A surprise this week is Katy Perry, who usually always gets it right and a fashion model who should really no better! See the full list below:


Who is your worst dressed?

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