Celebrity winter outfits!

Wednesday 10:05 AM, 23/12/2009
Celebrity winter outfits!


Kate Hudson

Jessica Simpson

Catherine Zeta Jones

Tara Reid

Taylor Momsen

Selma Blair

Taylor Swift

Pamela Anderson

When it's getting chilly outside our celebrities tries to get look good in warm clothes. Sometimes it is harder than it looks but some fashionistas always gets it right! Of course you should look good do to and that is why we have picked out some pictures for you for some inspiration in the cold wintertime. Have a look at celebrities like Tara Reid, Kate Beckinsale, Taylor Momsen and Taylor Swift and see how they dress this winter!
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gangstah (Posh24 member) 1
25/12/2009 1:09 PM
love their outfits!mwahhhhhhh!!!!!!

27/12/2009 1:41 AM
OMG. Pamela Anderson looks disgusting!

GrainneB123 (Posh24 member) 3
28/12/2009 12:26 AM
I love kate Beckinsale's outfit and Taylor Swifts

Sophie Chouhdary(non member) 4
04/12/2011 5:24 AM
Like the dresses of Selma Blair and Taylor Momsen
although the Kate Beckinsale outfit is also very
unique. can you guide from where we can get these
dresses in market of London? my own site is

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