Trend Alert! Five Hot Fall Trends To Shop Now!

We're well into Fall now and enjoying every second of it! We've zeroed in on the five hottest trends this Fall, so if you haven't already bought a statement necklace or a faux fur vest, then you should definitely look into it! These five Fall trends are here to stay and will bring us into the New Year in style! Click on the pics to see celebs like Blake Lively and Ashley Tisdale rocking the best trends of Fall 2011!
Blake Lively statement necklace gossip girl set new york blonde smile
Knits are one of this Fall's most popular and coziest trends! Rachel Bilson keeps her cream, knit sweater casual with Jeans!
Jessie J red carpet black hair statement necklace glitter dress
This knit sweater looks fab on Ashley Tisdale!
ashley tisdale knit knitted bag sunglasses chanel louis vuitton
Blake Lively wears a white statement necklace on the set of Gossip Girl! We love the chunky rocks!
Rachel Bilson knit knitted white jeans sunglasses store
Jessie J has chosen to wear a big statement necklace on the Red Carpet, it looks amazing!
Mollie King blonde red carpet glitter gold metallic dress blonde
Gold is another big trend this season and Mollie King looks gorgeous in it!
Selena Gomez glitter gold metallic dress red carpet purse smile
Selena Gomez in a light golden dress!
Paula Abdul white shirt black pants sunglasses brown hair reptile bag
Snakeskin is really hot this Fall and Paula Abdul is rocking a great snakeskin bag!
zoe saldana reptile bag sunglasses earrings casual shirt
Zoe Saldana with an amazing snakeskin purse!
Kylie Minogue fake fur green paparazzi smile
This ultra posh fake fur coat + Victoria Beckham= a match made in heaven!
Victoria Beckham dark red crocodile hermes handbag sunglasses fake fur brown hair
Dark green is a huge trend this Fall and so is faux fur, Kylie Minogue looks great!
Published Oct 27 2011 10:13 PM
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