Trend Alert: Fallin' For Feathers!

We love accessorizing with feathers. They're a great way to add fun and flair to your outfit and can also look very chic. We love how Blake Lively wore a feathery skirt and how Mischa Barton went more subtle with a peacock clutch. What a great way to spice up a boring outfit. Click on the pics to see more!
Jessica Alba feather hair clip sunglasses purple cardigan black chanel bag
WOW! This is a really pretty feather dress on Blake Lively!
Nicky Hilton pink cardigan peacock feather pink flat shoes jeans blue bag
Have a bad hair day? Take inspiration from Jessica Alba and put a feather clip in your hair..
Blake Lively black white patterns feather dress beige pumps red carpet
Simple peacock feather on Nicky Hilton's cardigan.
NICOLE KIDMAN green satin dress peacock red carpet gold clutch bag
Nicole Kidman in a chic dress with a peacock detail.
Heidi Klum black feather dress black pumps
Heidi Klum wears a black feather dress
Vanessa Hudgens long black hair white and brown feather earrings
Vanessa Hudgens knows that feather earrings are a simple way to follow the trend,.
Avril Lavigne long blonde hair black feather earrings black tshirt heart print
Avril Lavigne with a long feather earring!
Mischa Barton black dress peacock clutch bag silver jewellerys
Love Mischa Barton's peacock clutch bag!
Phoebe Price white hat black feather details purple blue yellow pattern maxi dress black scarf
The feather details on Phoebe Price's hat are really cute.
Jennifer Love Hewitt yellow red purple feather clips grey scarf
Is your outfit boring? Add a feather clip like Jennifer Love Hewitt!
Published Feb 21 2012 11:12 PM
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