Put a Horse On It! The Newest Fashion Craze Is Wild!

Tuesday 3:39 PM, 04/10/2011
Love the sweater!

Love the sweater!

Jayma and her husband, Adam Campbell!

Jayma and her husband, Adam Campbell!

For awhile birds were the hottest print ever, but these days we've noticed a new print trend and it's horses! We spotted Glee star, Jayma Mays, wearing the cutest horse print sweater and we just had to go out and buy one too! We love how she paired such a bold print with a plaid blazer and subtle skirt, but we're not big fans of her shoes. Oh well, we still adore this look! You can find the EXACT same horse print sweater here! Awesome, right?

PS. Remember this funny video about the bird craze! Put a bird on it!
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laughers(non member) 1
04/10/2011 9:03 PM
of course, my horse! LOL!

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