Celebs Show Their Wild Side With Animal Print!

We love it when celebs release their wildside. Animal print can go a long way in an outfit, like Claudia Schiffer's leopard scarf! Some celebs pull this trend off successfully, while others competlely fail. Click on the pics to see who went wild!
Naomi Campbell snake print Alexander McQueen dress black pumps black hair bangs
Kylie Minogue in a cool leopard coat.
Heidi Klum and daughter Leni snake print leggings snake print shoes snake print bag sunglasses
Naomi Campbell in a snakeprint Alexander McQueen dress. Hot or not?
Pixie Lott leopard print jacket zebra print
Heidi Klum, this is just too much!
Kylie Minogue leopard print coat black boots black sunglasses
Pixie Lott in both leopard print and zebra print. Daring or crazy?
Claudia Schiffer red orange purple leopard scarf brown leather bag sunglasses
Claudia Schiffer spiced up her black outfit with a colorful scarf.
Pippa Middleton black dress black sunglasses blazer black bag black shoes
Pippa Middleton looks good in her black and white leopard scarf.
Ashley Tisdale zebra tshirt leather vest black pants
Zebra tee on Ashley Tisdale.
Audrina Patridge gold earrings animal print dress brown belt
The dress looks good on Audrina Patridge.
Tamara Ecclestone silver heels silver clutch bag zebra print dress
Model, Tamara Ecclestone, in a zebra print dress.
Nicky Hilton black hat black tshirt leopard shoes leopard bag black sunglasses
Source: WENN.com
Nicky Hilton in a relaxed outfit, love the cute Shoes!
Published Feb 2 2012 9:09 PM
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