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Celebrity Trend Alert: Shorts+Boots!

Saturday 12:16 PM, 18/08/2012
Nicole Richie.  Elizabeth Olsen. Poppy Delevingne. Rachel Bilson.
Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to hide your winter boots at the back of the closet! Combining shorts with boots has been one of the bubbling trends this summer and A-listers like Nicole Richie, Elizabeth Olsen, Poppy Delevingne and Rachel Bilson know the drill. Pairing boots with shorts can be both fun and unexpected and it's an easy way to make a effortlessly everyday outfit look super stylish and very grunge chic!
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Outfit Of The Day: Jordana Brewster!

Monday 2:26 PM, 23/07/2012
Jordana Brewster is looking sweet and summery in a pink and blue flowery dress, light blue denim shirt and squared sunglasses. We love the way she ...READ MORE ▶
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Emma Stone's Street Smart Trenchcoat!

Saturday 9:12 AM, 23/06/2012
Tan is a gorgeous shade for a trench! The black details add to the cute look.
Did you know that trenchcoats were originaly worn by british and french soldiers during the first world war? Ever since it's been a safe fashion choice for chilly days. We spotted Emma Stone wearing this classic sand colored one - so cute!
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Power To The Flower! Celebs With Hippie Hair Pieces!

Thursday 11:13 PM, 21/06/2012
Katy Perry wearing a flowery dress and a matching garland in her hair. Kristen Dunst's flowers are sweet but descret. Vanessa Hudgens is all in on the hippie flower trend. Pixie Lott decided to keep it simple! Like mother, like daughter! Heidi Klum and Leni Samuel chose yellow buttercups
The music festival season is here so how about some hippie flowers in your hair? Stars like Vanessa Hugens and Katy Perry are wearing a summery garland while Pixie Lott kept it simple with just a few flowers. Click on the pictures for the best summer inspo!
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Celebrity Trend: Feather Dresses!

Tuesday 11:15 PM, 19/06/2012
In May we saw a new trend on the red carpet: feather dresses! Beyonce Knowles, Cheryl Cole and Kate Bosworth were all seen wearing fab feathery dresses. We love these dresses, they really stand out! And what's that they say about "birds of feather..."?
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Celebrity Trend: Bigger IS Better!

Monday 6:05 PM, 18/06/2012
Lady Gaga matches her necklace great with the patterned dress and black hat! AnnaLynne Mccord matches a red/orange necklace with a blue dress, and it looks great! Paris Hilton is not really super famous for her spotless fashion sense, but the necklace she´s wearing here is really cute! Whitney Port looks stunning as usual, and we love the bright turquoise color on her necklace! January Jones is beautiful as always. Like this look, just wish you would have had a little bit more color on you, Heidi Klum! Blake Lively goes for a more neutral look here and it suites her! Angelina Jolie wearing a golden necklace which shines against her black dress and dark brown locks. Rihanna matches this chain-necklace perfectly with a buttoned black blouse, love it!
One trend we keep noticing time and time again is the statement necklace. Whether it´s on the red carpet or a relaxing day on the town, stars like Blake Lively, Heidi Klum and Rihanna rock this look! Click on the pics to see your favorite stars in their favorite necklaces.
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