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Maximize and stay warm in winter time!

Thursday 4:06 PM, 02/12/2010
Black is a perfect color for winter, and Mary Kate Olsen shows how a completely dark outfit in no way has to be boring. This long look is great, and it can be worn in loads of lovely warm, layers. Chanel Iman goes for the transparent trend in her maxi dress. To wear a pair of good looking stockings, or tights, under a long transparent skirt is a really cool way of working this trend, and makes the outfit look a bit more light too. A long dress with long sleeves is perfect for winter! Sarah Jessica Parker rocks both the trendy color blue and stays warm as well  as being hip retro-chic. A medium length skirt can be sexy too! Combine it with a pair of warm socks and a pair of high heels for a "school uniform- girly outfit! There are more than two stylish girls in the Olsen family! Elisabeth Olsen wears this long dress like a pro! Take inspiration from the nude colors, and notice how nicely she combines it with wearing bright red lip stick! Wear your summer dresses this winter! Yes, they can easily be adapted to a more wintry style when worn with a simple blazer to keep out the chill. Simple and cool! Peaches Geldof in a black long skirt in a silky material worn with a striped tee and a leather jacket this look really do look rock chic. Nice! Can stripes ever go out of fashion? The answer is no. This type of dress that Fearne Cotton is wearing would work wonders combined with a long cardigan, try it out! H&M 
499 kr
No, maxi dresses and skirts aren't only for summer! If you wear them right they can be just as good for winter, if not better. Just imagine all the warm socks you can wear under the flowing skirt! The maxi trend isn't only good for the red carpet either, worn with a cardigan or blazer it's perfect for week days too. It's all about how you combine it. Why not wear a pair of warm, punky cool, Dr Marten's with your long black skirt? It will make you look both feminine and rock chick at the same time and you don't even have to think about freezing you butt off!

Take inspiration from these pics on what starts like Olivia Palermo, Chanel Iman and Sarah Jessica Parker have worn from the maxi trend! Enjoy!
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All the Hottest Pants For Winter!

Thursday 3:57 PM, 11/11/2010
Rachel Zoe sports one of the biggest trends this winter, the flared pants! Looking good! if you put on a pair of high boots, this Ginnifer Goodwin kind of pant suit will work for winter too! Oh Drew Berrymore, you look great. Not only does the actress wear an amazing sweater with gold, and bronze sequins, she is also combining it with a pair of amazing pants! We love the fact that they are shiny, but still dressed down. Nicky Hilton shows that simplicity really is a good thing when it comes to clothes. To combine a pair of leaher pants with a white tee creates perfection! Chanel Iman looks amazing in her simple outfit! Grey pants is a trend that keep coming back, and Kate Moss knows how to rock them! Blake Lively wears pants like a pro! This is a bold outfit, but if you have the balls to go for a pair of pink, and wide pants, you'll really climb the fashion ladder! Leighton Meester looks cool in simple pants and a cool top. To mix and match is never wrong! Rachel Bilson looks classic in her striped sweater and a pair of perfect cut jeans. This is a perfect everyday outfit! Another black outfit... just to prove that black can work wonders for curvy girls like Kim Kardashian! OH! This outfit is perfection! Chloe Sivegny looks utterly amazing in this pant suit, and she combines it so nice with her gloves, gold jewellery and red lips. We want to look like this!
It's chilly outside and that demands for desperate measures... or a pair of really nice, warm (or warmer than skirts at least) pants! Here we give you some inspiration from celebrities that found a nice way of keeping their butts warm! Have a look!
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How to survive the winter in style!

Thursday 2:40 PM, 04/11/2010
Swedish superstar Noomi Rapace knows that it's a smart thing to put on a lot of clothes, even on the red carpet! She combines ja leatherjacket with some fur details which makes the outfit even warmer. The hat is just perfect too! Long dresses are good, and you can fit some warm pants underneath it too! A short, colorfull, jacket makes an outfit a bit more fun, just as a bright looking bag! Nice work Mary Kate och Alshley Olsen! Chloe could be one of the hottest looking women walking around in high heels.  In this leopard outfit she looks both warm and cool, having a high lines sweater is great for colder days! The nice necklace makes her even more bang on trend then she already is. Blake Lively is cleaver and puts a nice blazer over her shirt, classic and chic! Fearne Cotton goes for the classic too, and adds a little fun detail with the bow tie! A blazer is really good when you want to look sharp but still keep warm as you can wear a lot of layers underneath! Nicole Richie knows that a knitted dress is just perfect for winter! Buy a lot of different colors and you never have to have a wardrobe crisis in wintertime! The russian supermodel Natalia Vodionova is exremely trend in her black outfit consisting of a pair of black, wide, pant and a seventies inspired sweater. The belt is a nice touch too! In this type of outfit you will not just stay warm, you'll stay trendy too!
Lily Cole is cleaver and puts a light coat over her lovely dress. Take inspiration people this is cool and warm! Ashley Olsen miss matches with check printed pants and a leopard printed scarf. Looks good! A scarf is a quick way to feel warmer. January Jones looks cosy, cosy, cosy in her amazing grey fur! A garment you can buy (fake) in most high street stores!
We know, it's horrible! The winter is coming and soon the snow will be all over the streets...or not but it's definitely going to be really cold! In order to survive this cold season you need a lot of clothes, and they should preferably be quite warm too.

But just because we want to be warmly dressed does not mean that we want to walk around like huge snowballs in enormous padded jackets. No! We want to be able to party in style and at the same time not feel like living ice cubes! Here is some inspiration for you from some celebrities who has succeeded with just that!
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Miley Cyrus Channels Her Inner Indian!

Sunday 12:40 AM, 10/10/2010
Miley Cyrus isn't a slave to fashion trends but she does pretty good anyway! Yesterday we spotted the young Hollywood star returning to her car in Toluca Lake where she lives looking very cute in cut-off denim shorts, fringed boots and lots of bohemian style accessories! We love it!
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Goldie Hawn Still Speaks Prada!

Monday 10:32 AM, 13/09/2010
She may be old in Hollywood years but Kate Hudson's mom Goldie Hawn still manages to keep up with fashion trends! See-thru bags are the hottest thing this fall and Goldie's Prada version is the perfect size and shape! Plus it's fun to get a sneak peak into what she carries around every day!
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Gatwick Goes Fashion!

Saturday 8:05 PM, 07/08/2010
What do you do if you want to make an airport trendier? Start your own fashion week of course! British supermodel Lily Cole opened London Gatwick Fashion Week at Gatwick Airport in London yesterday so if you're passing through Gatwick this week make sure to check out the latest fashion trends!
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