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Put a Horse On It! The Newest Fashion Craze Is Wild!

Tuesday 3:39 PM, 04/10/2011
Jayma and her husband, Adam Campbell!
For awhile birds were the hottest print ever, but these days we've noticed a new print trend and it's horses! We spotted Glee star, Jayma Mays, wearing the cutest horse print sweater and we just had to go out and buy one too! We love how she paired such a bold print with a plaid blazer and subtle skirt, but we're not big fans of her shoes. Oh well, we still adore this look! You can find the EXACT same horse print sweater here! Awesome, right?

PS. Remember this funny video about the bird craze! Put a bird on it!
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Red is the New Black, According Lea Michele and Kate Winslet!

Monday 5:10 PM, 19/09/2011
Kate Winslet looks stunning in her red dress!  Nancy O'Dell's looks  hot in her red mermaid dress! Sofia Vergara, looking good in a red one shoulder dress! We think Nina Dobrev was the best dressed! We love her look! Adrianne Palicki's dress is not our fave but still, it's spicy!
Besides all of the awesome fashion at the Emmy's we noticed one huge thing: almost every celeb was wearing red! Forget the little black dress, it's time for the the little red dress! We spotted Kate Winslet, Nina Dobrev, and Lea Michele all looking red hot! Click on the pics our fave stars look fiery and fierce! Who rocked red the best?


Who Rocked Red the Best?

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Summer to Fall Style! Don't Box Up Your Sunhats Just Yet!

Saturday 9:19 AM, 17/09/2011
Kate Moss, love the hat! We want you to grow you hair out again, Vanessa! Does Paris look classy? At least for her she does! Kimloves to take it to the next level! LOVE THIS! Phoebe Price going boho! Rachel McAdams is hiding in her big floppy hat!
Some of our favorite summer trends also work well in the Fall and that makes us very happy, especially when it's one of our favorite trends: the floppy hat! We've seen our favorite fashionistas sporting the floppy hat! Celebs like Ashley Tisdale, her BFF Vanessa Hudgens, and Kim Kardashian all love the floppy hat! The floppy hat is the perfect mix between classy and boho-chic! Click on the pics to see our fave celebs looking fantastic in the floppy hat!
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Fall Fashion Trend Alert! We're Green With Envy!

Monday 6:12 PM, 05/09/2011
Our favorite everyday look! Too much, Gaga? Reality TV star, Amy Childs, looks super cute in her green shorts! We love these green booties worn by Fearne Cotton! Beyonce! We love love loove Ashley Tisdale's green Balenciaga bag!
We're soo in love with the color green this Fall! All the hottest celebs are wearing it, and we're green with envy! Lady Gaga loves this hot trend,...READ MORE ▶
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Fall Trend Alert! Turn Up the Volume!

Monday 9:14 PM, 22/08/2011
Lady Gaga of course takes it a little further with volume, but she looks fierce! Emma Stone looks great in her volume skirt, and we love the colors! Emma is a true fashionista and the volume in the bottom part of the dress gives it a soft silhouette, the whole look is perfect!  The shoulder pads are a great way to volumize  your outfit! Kim Kardashian looks great in this white clean cut blazer! The cool Swedish artist Robyn knows fashion trends, and this balloon shaped skirt is definitely hot and trendy!
Wide shoulders, thick fabrics, balloon skirts and wide legged pants are the key ingredients for this Fall's hot new trend! Stella McCartney and Miu Miu were two of our favorite designer's who showed a lot of volume for their fall collections in bold and feminine ways!

The best way to wear this is look is by pairing a blazer with a lot of volume with skinny jeans or something more delicate like chiffon! Add a pair of colorful heels for a fun night out! We love this modern take on an 80's trend!
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Not Without My Balenciaga!

Saturday 2:26 AM, 23/07/2011
Ashley Tisdale is one of many celebrities who loves the Balenicaga! Baby Spice aka Emma Bunton has a blue one! Nicollette Sheridan matches her Balenciaga with her shoes! Ashley loves these bags so much she has one in every color! Miley Cyrus went for a light grey bag! Christina Aguilera likes her Balenciaga in white! Claudia Schiffer has a pretty unique Balenciaga! A crazy personality like Heidi Montag needs a crazy color for her bag! Nicky Hilton went for the classical black one!
You know those items that we just can't leave home without? Our favorite bag, sunglasses, or that perfect shade of lipstick? Well for celebs, it's the classic Balenciaga bag!

And with good reason too! We love how practical it is, it's roomy with a classically, trendy design. It comes in just about every color, so no wonder celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Nicky Hilton love the Balenciaga bag!

But we want to know what you guys think! Do you love it just as much as we do? And if you do, which color Balenciaga would you choose?
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