Look Who is at Paris Mens Fashion Week!

Saturday 2:50 PM, 22/01/2011
Look Who is at Paris Mens Fashion Week!

Chloe Sevigny, Tilda Swinton, Hayden Christensen

Lewis Hamilton

Mens Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 has moved from Milan to Paris and they have brought the celebrities! Fashionistas like Chloë Sevigny and Tilda Swinton were sitting on the front rows, so we are guessing the menswear trend is here to stay for a while. Take a look at these hot looks from iconic brands like Hugo Boss, Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton!
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DODA - BAD GIRLS(non member) 1
22/01/2011 3:20 PM
what a nice

Directed by the main producer of
the The Sin City.
Solo part played Michael
Jackson guitarist - Jennifer Batten.

ENJOY! :-)

Ina(non member) 2
22/01/2011 7:53 PM
Lewis Hamilton

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