Top List: Lady Gaga's Craziest Outfits Ever

Lady Gaga's sense of fashion has taken the world by storm. Her outfits have ranged from fashion-forward to downright crazy, she never ceases to surprise or amaze us. We put together 10 of her most creative outfits from over the years, click on the pics to check it out!
Lady GaGa purple and yellow hair black corset fishnets
1. This outfit from the black lace to the clear plastic wrap is typical crazy Gaga!
Lady Gaga  sheer leopard print body suit red lips blonde hair green cape
2. The hair hat!
Lady Gaga green plastic trench coat green hair black roods red lips
3. Reminds us of a snow angel!
Lady Gaga black lace body suit red lips black and white hair
4. The nun....?
Lady Gaga hair hat sheer black body suit shoulder pads
5. Oh you know, just sportin' some razor sharp shoulders!
Lady Gaga white tiered dress big blonde hair
6. Yellow and lavender hair with the bones of a corset.
Lady Gaga clear plastic nun dress whimple
7. Sheer and printed body suit with a green cape.
Lady Gaga razor sharp shoulders black pattern tights gold glittery heels
8. Almost like a trash bag.
Lady Gaga sky high heels studded leather jacket leopard print purse
9. Everything is green!
Lady GaGa black plastic coat corset and skirt
10. Besides the crazy Shoes, this outfit is almost normal.
Published Jan 5 2012 6:17 PM
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