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Celebs Living In Technicolor!

Thursday 3:17 PM, 12/07/2012
Of course Lady Gaga always dresses like she lives in a cartoon. Rihanna has had some seriously crazy wardrobe choices, but has toned it down recently. Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds tries out black lipstick with a pink beret. Well, hello there Bobby Trendy! Miss Nicki Minaj we have two words for you: INSANE FASHION! Orange ya' glad you've seen this outfit on Paloma Faith? Rihanna reminds us of Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians. Once again, Lady Gaga keeps us in awe. Cute, Katy Perry.
No doubt, some of our favorite celebs are known not just for their crazy personalities but also for their incredibly out-there fashion! These stars take fashion from the mundane to the surreal, and it reminds us a bit of a cartoon! Click on the pics to see some celebs living in their own cartoon world!
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Celebrity Trend: Colorful Animal Prints!

Saturday 3:16 PM, 07/07/2012
Rihanna has some real bright tiger shorts on, we like! Actress Georgia May Foote is wearing a red satin one shoulder piece. Fancy! Jessie J's red animal print dress is very revealing and so dramatic. Jessie J loves her leopard prints, so why not rock a yellow one as well? Pippa Middleton's wearing a pretty everyday tunic in red leopard print.
Who said animal prints have to come in their natural color? We love the cool pattern, and we love it when celebs dare to play around with different colors, like Jessie J's bright yellow leopard dress and Pippa Middleton's red tunic. Which celebrity animal print item is your favorite? Click on the pics and find out right away!
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Lights, Camera, Action! Heidi Klum Filming Commercial!

Sunday 9:14 PM, 01/07/2012
Wow she's absolutely stunning! We spotted Heidi Klum filming on the set of a commercial for a hair care product. Her curls are perfect, and we'd happily buy the product if it gave us the same hairstyle! We love how Heidi looks fantastic, and we hope she's over her ex-husband Seal for good now!
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Olympic's Fever: Celebrity's Favorite Sports!

Friday 11:03 PM, 29/06/2012
Happy Potter-actress Chloe Green enjoys playing tennis, especially on the beach! Kylie Jenner has together with sister Kendall been on a high school cheerleading squad. Pixie Lott enjoys dancing and has been doing so on british tv-show "Let's Dance for Sports Relief". Paris Hilton often takes her bike for a ride! Willow Smith is big into gymnastics and has been on her school team! David Hasselhoff likes to ride his motorbike - does that count as a sport? Geri Halliwell does loads of yoga to stay in shape. Kary Perry showed off her olympic nails on Twitter! Her favourite sporta are golf and ice skating. Rihanna does a little bit of everything and love fotball in particular. Her schedule is so busy though that she does not have time to play a lot.
Have you catched the Olympic's fever yet? We think we might have! There are so many sports we love to play like beach volleyball, dodge ball and ping-pong. Stars also love to play sports not only to stay in shape but to have some fun quality time with their friends and loved ones! Click on the pics and see what sports celebs like Paris Hilton and Rihanna likes the most!
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Big Hollywood Trend: Bringin' Back The Backpack!

Wednesday 7:05 PM, 27/06/2012
We're not sure if that cute backpack belongs to Ben Affleck or to his daughter Violet. David Beckham has a stylish way of carrying his rucksack. Hugh Jackman would rather ride his scooter than hold on to his belongings! So fashion of you to put silver studs on the shoulder straps Ciara! You look happy Jerry Seinfeld, what's in the bag?! Romeo Miller's black Louis Vuitton backpack is to die for! Jack Osbourne can have a yummy snack since he has everything he needs on his back. Nahla lets her mummy Halle Berry carry her stuff! Zac Efrons backpack is stuffed to the limit, no wonder it's too heavy to put on his back!
We carry a bunch of stuff every day- our cellphone, iPad, take away coffee cups, wallet and so on... Yea, a lot of stuff, and we never have our hands free. We've checked out what celebs like Jack Osbourne, Zac Efron and Ciara have done to solve the problem: they got themselves a backpack! Click on the pics and see how they carry their belongings!
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Happy Birthday, Khloe Kardashian! Here Are Your Best Looks!

Wednesday 3:08 PM, 27/06/2012
Blue is really her color. This dress is suitable for any cool summer party. We'd do anything to have those pants, Khloe! Check out her cute heels too, those are her favorites. Hot, hotter, Khloe! Here she's spotted wearing her favorite heels on the red carpet. Smashing!
Do you know what day it is today? Yea, it's hump day, but it's also Khloe Kardashian's birthday! Today the reality star turns 28, and we wish her a very happy birthday! We celebrate this day by sharing her best looks. Click on the pics and check them out!
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