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Hot like no other

Cheyenne Tozzi Swimwear hottie!

Monday 6:20 PM, 02/02/2009
Cheyenne Tozzi Swimwear hottie!
whoops! Is this Brandon's replacement? What a hot bod!
Actor [url=/brandon_davis]Brandon Davis'[/url] ex model Cheyenne Tozzi shows why shes been chosen to front a new swimwear campaign! Tozzi stripped down to her cozzie in the Australian sunshine with friends. She didn't even mind her wardrobe malfunction either! Cheyenne was recently chosen as the face of swimwear designer Mambos new Goddess range.
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Flashy couple!

Nicole Kidman's Romance in Rome

Saturday 8:38 AM, 31/01/2009
Nicole Kidman's  Romance in Rome
Look at that gorgeous dress! Must be a vintage setting
No Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis are not having a romantic affair! This is a scene from the movie set of "Nine", being filmed today in Rome. Kidman landed the same day and after only a one hour stop in the hotel, she went directly to set. There is a hard-working actress for you!

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Latest news!

Anna Faris Engaged!

Friday 9:25 AM, 30/01/2009
"House Bunny" star Anna Faris is engaged to her cute boyfriend Chris Pratt! They haven't announced a date yet Maybe Chris was inspired by his new movie "Bride" Wars with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson:

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Lady Gaga in plastic underwear!

Friday 12:33 AM, 30/01/2009
That's quite an outfit Lady! Oops too tight! The bus was taking Lady Gaga and her gang to her next gig in Manchester.
Lady Gaga sure knows how to make a statement with a quirky outfit! She braved the freezing London cold in the early hours of the morning in these plastic underwear dress. The songstress and her entourage were picked up by her tour bus after partying until 5am at a friend's hosue.Lady Gagas skirt was so tight she needed a lift on the step of the bus!
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Mischa Barton, French Fashionista!

Thursday 6:56 PM, 29/01/2009
wow those are some heels! Mischa channels Charlie Chaplin cool Mischa rocks her own special style Back Detail
OC actress Mischa Barton is enjoying showing off her style in Paris for fashion week! She can be seen out and about the Fashion Capital wearing all kinds of fierce outfits. Here she is on her way to spend some time at the Elie Saab store.


What do you think of Mischa's style!

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On set

Avril Copies Amy!

Tuesday 3:32 PM, 27/01/2009
Avril Copies Amy!
Avril does retro! She looks like so much fun! Aaahh sweet!
Even though her behaviour is crazy, its seems Amy Winehouse's retro style is starting trends, even with other celebs! Avril Lavigne stepped out with a beehive hairdo, black fishnet stockings, and 3-inch pink heels for her new video shoot at Johnny Depps The Viper Room nightclub. Avril looked like she was having a blast with her new hairdo, maybe she will keep it!


Do you think Avril copied Amy's style?

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