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In Hollywood there are many fashion icons. Persons who´s style is beeing talk about and their outfits make us normal people very envy. Look at some pictures of real fashion icons here.
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Kendall Jenner- New fashion icon?

Friday 11:54 PM, 01/04/2011
Looking relaxed while showing of those long legs With her younger sister Kylie
Kendall Jenner, baby sister of the Kardashian girls and up and coming model is stepping in to the spotlight. Kendall has grown up in front of milli...READ MORE ▶
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Olsen Twins: On Top of the Fashion World!

Wednesday 1:13 PM, 23/03/2011
Twin brains! Boho princess!
We told you Ashley Olsen and her twin Mary Kate Olsen's latest collections would be a huge hit and we were right! Their label The Row is featured in the latest issue of Vogue and our favorite girl twins did an interview for the story too, plus all these fun photos! Did you know that Ashley and Mary Kate have actual twin brains? They can almost read each other's thoughts! Read the full interview and check out the full collection here! Oh and don't you just love this photo shoot of them?!
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Tuesday 3:05 AM, 22/03/2011
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Sunday 4:27 PM, 20/03/2011
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Which designer is REALLY your style?

Sunday 11:31 AM, 06/03/2011
Zac Posen is Hollywood's little darling. But not only because of his amazing creations. He has a super-sexy charisma as well! Christopher Kane has that British gentleman thing about him. Sweet yet sexy. Stefano Gabbana is the taller and sexier half of the Dolce & Gabbana duo. He is for those who like their men tanned, tall and muscular! Matthew Williamson has a mystery to him. His looks attract the dark and unknown side in us. Christopher Bailey, of Burberry, is the charming one of the lot! His boyish and sweet face can make anyone's heart melt!
Not only are the words famous designers that have every woman longing to wear their creations, but they are also ridiculously-ridiculously good loo...READ MORE ▶
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