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In Hollywood there are many fashion icons. Persons who´s style is beeing talk about and their outfits make us normal people very envy. Look at some pictures of real fashion icons here.
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Oh, So Stylish Mark Ronson!

Thursday 2:16 PM, 22/09/2011
HOT! Cool hat! Mark has worked with Amy Winehouse. White hair is pretty cool!
Have you heard of Mark Ronson? He's a musician from London, hot, and very very stylish! We always love what he is wearing, and especially how he mixes London preppy with colorful Urban! Usually we're not big fans of guys coloring their hair, but Mark totally pulls it off, and looks really cool in icy-white hair!
Click on the pics to see more cool stuff on Mark Ronson!
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Rachel Zoe's Own Fashion Line! Don't Miss It!

Tuesday 3:00 PM, 20/09/2011
This black open back, sequin dress is amazing! We love the romantic styled maxi dress!
Celebrity stylist and fashion icon Rachel Zoe is a big name in the fashion industry. We love her style, and the launching of her own line is more than welcome! We've dreamed about wearing everything she wears, and now we can! Rachel showed her first collection at NY fashion week, and we love, love, loved it!
You can shop from her collection at Shopbop, it's a bit expensive, but we can always dream! Especially about the handbags!

Click on the pics to see some fantastic fashion by Rachel Zoe!
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Clothes On Or Off, We Love Model, David Gandy!

Tuesday 4:17 PM, 06/09/2011
We love how he pairs a formal jacket and vest with a pair of old jeans!
Wow! We love thinner leather belts on men!
David Gandy must be the hottest guy ever! He's a model for Dolce and Gabbana and is absolutely sexy! Besides being utterly delicious, we love his style! He does a great job of mixing mixing sophisticated preppy pieces with casual items like distressed jeans!

One thing that we love about David's style is that he always accessorizes his suit jackets with a handkerchief, adding a small touch like that can really make an outfit! David often mixes fabrics and adds statement pieces like a belt or a nice bag to complete his look. We think he's the ultimate male style icon! Click on the pics to see more of David's closet! xoxo
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Lady Gaga: "I Called Anna Wintour A Bitch"

Wednesday 11:55 PM, 08/06/2011
The one and only Anna Wintour!
Woops! We wonder how many people have called her that and actually survived? When accepting the CDFA Fashion Icon Award this last Monday, pop princess Lady Gaga shared a story about a very embarrassing mistext she accidentally sent Anna Wintour regarding the award.

She said, "I can't believe I'm allowed in here. As an anecdote I thought I might tell this story, I wasn't sure. But when I was told I won this award, Anna Wintour sent me a text message. She text messages. So she sent me a text message, and it said, 'We're so excited to tell you you won the CFDA fashion icon award.' And I actually thought it was Anna Treblin, who was one of my very close friends and [my stylist] Nicola's assistant, who I go out and have drinks with all the time. So I have a couple Annas in my phone, so my reply was, 'Yes, bitch, we did it.' So quite quickly I got a reply that said, 'How lovely, and we will all be waiting to see what you will wear.' And then I thought, 'Well won't you be helping me choose what I will wear?' And then I said, 'Oh! it's Anna Wintour.'"

We wonder what was going through the Chief Editor of Vogue's mind when she was reading that! Hah!
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