Top List: Kelis' Worst Fashion Disasters!

Pop singer, Kelis, has had a steady flow of disastrous outfits over the past few years. Like in 2004, she tried to pull of a preppy look with a white vest, low rise Jeans, a blazer, and a grill... yeah, a grill. Total failure! Click on the pics to see Kelis' worst fashion moments, it's pretty rough!
Kelis grills white vest black clazer black jeans red lipstick belly button piercing
Fashion disaster No.01! What is this? We can't explain in words how we feel about this outfit!
Kelis purple one shoulder dress white pearl wig white strappy shoes blue and pink nailpolish pink lipstick
Overkill! This might have been a cool look if Kelis had skipped the Shoes!
Kelis animalprint leggings black boots silver cut out dress chiffon black leather jacket gold earrings
Silver, gold, animal print, leather..there is just too much going on!
Kelis floral dress leather jeans gold shoes black and white blouse gold earrings
Ok, we love the Shoes, but they don't go with the rest of the outfit and neither does the jacket!
Kelis red top tartan print pants black boots black blazer
Red Tartan trousers...blegh!
Singer Kelis gold blazer pale pink lipstick leopard tights gold pumps green nailpolish
We like you Kelis, but please get a new stylist!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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