The Worst Dressed Celeb in Hollywood Revealed!

British actress, Jaime Winstone, is probably more famous for her awful outfits than her acting. We had no idea who she was until we kept seeing her on the Red Carpet carpet dressed in the worst ensembles! So if you're looking for a way to stand out on the Red Carpet amongst the haute couture and gala gowns, go the Jaime route: get dressed in the dark! Click on the pics to check out Jamie's top ten ugliest outfits!
Jaime Winstone striped dress blue dr.martens
Jaime matched her ice blue lipstick with her hair, ugh!
Jaime Winstone ice blue lipstick  grey jeans jacket
It's not so classy to combine a foot length dress with blue Dr. Martens. What was she thinking? We don't think that Jaime was thinking. At all.
Jaime Winstone transparent dress Grey Goose Winter Ball.
Jaime wore a very scandalous see-through dress at the Grey Goose Winter Ball. One word: Awfull!
Jaime Winstone flowered blazer black dress high shoes black bag
The worst part of this outfit is definitely the Shoes!
Jaime Winstone pink foot lenght dress patterned blazer
It looks like she's wearing a Pink curtain. Horrible!
Jaime Winstone orange dress white clutch black heels
Compared with the other outfits, this wasn't SO bad. Even though it's bad. We don't really understand the point of her hair, it looks strange!
Jaime Winstone pink and purple hair short t-shirt white pants high heels
Jamie apparently likes to change Hairstyles. This is one of her less successful choices. We don't need to talk about the clothes, it would be redundant.
Jaime Winstone patterned dress pink shoes black clutch
We don't like the pattern of this dress at all! And the Shoes really don't match the rest of the outfit! Sorry Jaime, you failed again!
Jaime Winstone knee-length leggings patterned blouse
We hate those knee-length leggings! Why Jaime, why?
Jaime Winstone green and black costume
This green and black outfit is such a Fashion disaster!
Published Nov 2 2011 2:18 AM
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