Ridiculously ugly outfits!

Monday 7:52 PM, 04/04/2011
Ridiculously ugly outfits!

Jennifer Cody dressed as Snooki

Jennifer Cody dressed as Snooki
Katie price

Taylor Momsen

Carrie Underwood

Paloma Faith

Phoebe Price

Kylie Minogue

Holly Madison

Lady Gaga

They are in the public spotlight and should know better than to go dressed like this! Just because you have a famous name does't that mean you get away with this kind of fashion crime! Nope, they should be punished to go dressed in these horrible creations actually, dont you think!?
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...(non member) 1
04/04/2011 8:53 PM
That isn't Snooki

channellucky (Posh24 member) 2
04/04/2011 10:39 PM
that's not snooki.

and hooly madison's dress is
kinda cute

NO.(non member) 3
04/04/2011 11:19 PM

wow(non member) 4
15/04/2011 6:44 AM
i never knew gaga dressed that stupid LOL she
needs 2 remove her mask from halloween

Cathy(non member) 5
23/04/2011 11:18 AM
Try to read, dumass!
No, it´s not Snooki, it´s
Jennifer Code dressed AS Snooki!

mimi xx(non member) 6
18/05/2012 9:23 PM
taylor momsen :O duisgusting! if you are lucky
enough to get to these premiers, why wear
something so ridiculously duisgusting?? xx

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