Jessica Alba: Lazy or Lack of Style?

Jessica Alba has taken a back seat from acting now that she's a mom of two and we totally understand, her two daughters, Honor and Haven, are adorbs! But lately her style has really suffered, it's like she doesn't even care anymore! And we understand that she's really busy right now, but some of her outfits are truly terrible. She just needs a bit of help, that's all! Click on the pics to see what we mean!
Jessica Alba heads out for a family meal in Beverly Hills and then onto a kids birthday party flower dress black leggings black bag sunglasses
This outfit totally ages Jessica!
Jessica Alba leaving a nail salon in Beverly Hills. long maxi dress sunglasses black sweater black bag
Big tee with big, harem pants, big scarf, and a big cardigan. Ugh!
Jessica Alba out and about in Brentwood. flower skirt black shirt black sweater brown bag hair bun
This outfit screams old lady! But we love her hair!
Jessica Alba  shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood black harem pants white tee black cardigan black bag leopard scarf
We love jumpsuits, but it's the same ol' same ol' with Jessica!
Jessica Alba striped shirt black jacket nude pants blue bag ponytail
This is your best look yet!
Jessica Alba jeans jacket black jumpsuit brown bag hair bun sunglasses
This outfit could be cute, but somethings a bit off right?
Published Oct 5 2011 2:09 AM
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