Even Fashionistas Make Mistakes!

Do you take a look at Blake Lively or Whitney Port whenever you need some fashionable inspiration? It's a good idea... most of the time. Other times, think again. Though they often end up looking great, even fashionistas makes mistakes. Really big mistakes.
Kirsten Dunst blue maxi dress wit black lace
We thought Whitney Port never could make mistakes when it came to clothes. Guess we were wrong.
Whitney Port dark blue dress with blue tulle
We don't think Blair Waldorf would approve of this Leighton Meester!
Rachel Bilson red pants red pattern shirt leopard heels
Maybe if the dress was shorter Kirsten Dunst would have pulled this of but with that length the dress just looks like a two-person tent.
Blake Lively white/silver dress with fringes
Was Blake Lively on her way to an ice rink when she accidently ended up on the Red Carpet? What other reason could there be that one of the world's biggest fashionista is wearing a silver green cut out dress covered with white Fringe that makes her look like a figure skater?
Kate Moss black net dress with a black velvet hem
Why would you ever dress yourself 20 years older? This outfit makes Rachel Bilson look twice her age.
Leighton Meester see through black lace polo, brown pants black bra
A black net dress with a black velvet hem? Come on Kate Moss, you can do better than that!
Emma Watson
So we get it, Emma Watson wanted to go big at the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie, but this was just waay over the top.
Olivia Wilde yelllow long dress with white dotts
Source: WENN.com
Hello grandma! Oh, we mean Olivia Wilde.
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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