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Celebs doesn´t always manage to look great. Fashion disasters happens every day and here you can see some of the worst fashion mistakes ever!
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Fashion disaster

Inspiration! Celebrity Street Style Of The Week!

Monday 12:02 PM, 04/03/2013
We cannot really decide whether Kim Kardashians peplum pants are cool or just a fashion disaster. Hilary Duff's outfit gives us real spring feelings! It's still a little cold in New York, but Sarah Jessica Parker dress up perfectly anyhow. Alexa Chung tried bare legs this week - we still think it's too cold for it! Jessica Alba always look flawless.
Every single day, we get all kinds of fashion inspiration straight from Hollywood. We love collecting pictures and save, only for days when it feels like you have nothing at all to wear. This week we've spotted some cool street style looks from Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and many more. Click on the pics for some celebrity fashion inspiration!
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Disasterpiece! Rihanna's Fashion Failure!

Sunday 4:00 PM, 25/11/2012
Hmm... The get-up makes us think of a trash bag.
WHAT?! Sorry Rihanna, we love you sincerely, but we're not sure about this choice... Oh no. We are also sorry to say that even though you're beautiful, you look like a walking trash bag in this suspect get-up including a leather top and shorts from Damir Doma‘ Spring 2013 collection. RiRi deserves cred for a brave choice while setting of this oversized clothing trend, but this was NOT our taste!
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The Slippery Slits!

Friday 12:14 PM, 31/08/2012
As much as we love seeing celebrities showing of their beautiful legs, a slit too high results in an ugly dress. Sorry Anja Rubik, but this is just unflattering. Sometimes it’s not even about the dress itself, it’s more how you wear it. The fact that it looks like Angelina Jolie has a prosthetic leg, turns this beautiful dress into a complete disaster. Speaking of weird poses. Even Gisele Bundchen’s husband Tom Brady thought this was strange. Yeah, this is the nightmare. But Donna Air doesn’t seem bothered by it. Good for her! So these types of dresses requires some confidence in the women who wears them. Something you would think Blake Lively should have plenty of. But by the look of this picture we say it’s the opposite. The way she’s posing with her hand makes it look like she is trying to cover up her leg. Nicole Scherzinger knows from experience how challenging these dresses can be. Luckily she got boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton, covering her private parts from the cameras.
This year’s big red carpet trend has definitely been the sexy slit and most of the time it’s a success but, as always, there are exceptions. These dresses aren’t always the easiest ones to wear. From Angelina Jolie at the Academy Awards to Blake Lively at the MET Costume Institute Gala, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have had some serious issues pulling their slits of. Check out our gallery for some not so successful slits-looks.
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Fatal Fashion Bloopers! Top 6 Hats We'd Never Wear!

Friday 3:16 PM, 17/08/2012
Charlie Sheen. We know British people love their hats, but come on, Queen Elizabeth?! You Look like a Gaga wannabe! Trashy, trashier, Russell Brand.... We'd never put Hello Kitty on a hat like Nicki Minaj apparently did. Holly Madison's hat kinda looks like the cat from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.
Hats are the perfect way to hide a really BHD (bad hair day), but they can also lead to crazy fatal fashion bloopers! We've seen 6 celebrities going nuts with hats we'd never wear, so click on the pics and see stars like Lady Gaga and Russell Brand with crazy hats!
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Top 10: This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 7:06 PM, 26/06/2012
The Highschool Musical trend is for teens, Amber Rose! You have got a truly stunning body Mariah Carey, but that shimmery number is not doing it justice! Oh hi, it's Granny Jessica Alba! It's not so much the clothes but the awful slippers that are destroying Kelly Osbourne's outfit! Words are unecessary for Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's sequin sheath dress. Another star who wishes she was 17 again. Get changed, Madonna! We are more concerned over Snooki's horendous hair extensions than her stop sign red top. Did Michelle Williams just step out of a medieval castle? Could someone pass us the sissors, we want to even Diane Krugers skirt!
We are not so sure about Rihanna's tight fishnet shorts, Jessica Alba's granny look and the way both Amber Rose and Madonna seem to believe they are members of the Glee cast. Click on the pictures to see this week's worst dressed celebs!
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Jennifer Hudson Is Big On The Slipper's Trend!

Monday 9:36 AM, 28/05/2012
Maybe she's going back to bed after work.
Another star joining in on the sleep walking trend! Jennifer Hudson was looking all cute and smiley... in her morning slippers! We are not too sure if we would follow this one.
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