Who Wore It Best Kate or Leigh?

Tuesday 2:34 PM, 27/07/2010
Who Wore It Best Kate or Leigh?

Who wins the fashionista battle?

Two serious fashionistas in the same edgy dress! Leigh Lezark wore this Proenza Schouler leopard print dress with black tights and vintage-inspired shoes at a New York Fashion Week show, while Kate Bosworth wore it it simply with pumps and a clutch. Who do you think did it best?


Who wore it best?

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ddhjo(non member) 1
28/07/2010 5:06 PM

tiffany(non member) 2
28/07/2010 5:07 PM
i think leigh lework did because she wore black
tights and vintage-inspired shoes which is cute

sheltara(non member) 3
28/07/2010 6:18 PM
kate she looked gorgous with it on no homo

cydney(non member) 4
28/07/2010 6:51 PM
leigh deftnantly wore it better shedresed it down
with black tights and ricked kate made it look to
plain so i voted for leigh plus her hail brought
the outfit out more so kate tone it up moe

kim(non member) 5
28/07/2010 9:11 PM
i think leigh lezark wore that better cause she
looks right for the dress

kim (non member) 6
28/07/2010 9:14 PM
liegh where that dress

Amber(non member) 7
28/07/2010 9:34 PM
Kate looks the best in it

Isabelle(non member) 8
29/07/2010 5:27 AM
Leigh, because Kate's dark hair is just too much
with it

Erin(non member) 9
29/07/2010 6:27 PM
Kate looks better...I don't think Leigh should've
added tights, it's a little too much, Kate keeps
it simple so that looks good.

me(non member) 10
01/08/2010 3:42 PM
ACK i can't decide. Kates hair and tights make it
look good but leigh has light hair and a tan. it
kinda fits leigh better though

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