Who Wore It Best- Carmen or Lil' Kim?

Tuesday 5:39 PM, 13/07/2010
Who Wore It Best- Carmen or Lil' Kim?

Carmen Electra and Lil' Kim wore the same dress. Who wore it best?
Carmen Electra

Lil' Kim

Lil' Kim
As you saw the other day rapper Lil Kim chose to wear this striped Hervé Lèger on her birthday while she mixed her own milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes in LA. A couple of days later Carmen Electra showed up in the same dress at Crown in Las Vegas and now we want to know who you think looks best in it!


Who wore it best?

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znawca(non member) 1
13/07/2010 9:14 PM
LOOK --->


k(non member) 2
13/07/2010 10:52 PM
no one should ever wear a dress like that, omg
that is so ugly

carmen(non member) 3
20/07/2010 4:43 PM
carmen so wore it better lil kim didnt look good
at all she is way to fat carmen is perfect

notorious(non member) 4
14/11/2011 3:44 AM
kim wore it better because her curves filled the
dress out carmen was just a skinny white bitch in
the dress..

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