Fashion Battle: Nina vs. Kristen!

Actresses, Nina Dobrev and Kristen Stewart have a lot in common! They're both famous for being the girlfriend's of vampires, they have super sexy co-stars, they're both dating their co-stars, and they are some of the biggest It Girls in Hollywood! They have it all: the career, the guy, and closets we covet!

Both girls are fans of wearing blue Jeans, but while Kristen sticks to classic t-shirts, Nina likes to change things up a bit. They prefer dark, subtle color palettes and they're usually super spot on when it comes to Red Carpet fashion. We love them both, but who has the better style? Nina or Kristen?
Kristen Stewart white/silver dress grey heels Nina Dobrev black dress purple feather heels
Kristen vs Nina?
Nina Dobrev white dress light pink heels white/nude clutch
Kristen Stewart white one shoulder dress white shoes
Nina Dobrev, red long dress silver clutch silver necklace
Kristen Stewart dark blue long drapped dress
Kristen Stewart black velvet dress long sleeved
Nina Dobrev black dress with lace strips red lips red heels
Kristen Stewart white t-shirt jeans white jacket
Nina Dobrev blue tank top metallic jacket jeans black high heeled boots
Nina Dobrev black jacket blue checkered shirt grrey hat black jeans turquoise bag
Kristen Stewart grey t-shirt jeans black heels
Published Oct 15 2011 3:01 PM
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