Battle of the Crazy: Jessie J vs. Katy Perry vs. Nicki Minaj!

Some of our fave artists like Jessie J, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are known for their crazy outfits and colored hair, we love how they can pull off stuff that no one else can! Seriously, who else can pull off Pink, purple, and blue hair besides Nicki, Katy, or Jessie? Click on the pics to check out some of their craziest outfits and let us know who you think is the most outrageous! Our vote goes to Nicki!
Katy Perry pink hair kimono dress turquoise umbrella pink strappy  sandals flowers
Jessie vs. Katy vs. Nicki!
Nicki Minaj pink and yellow hair color bandana on her mouth white socks black and multi colored dress
This cat suit is really crazy, Jessie J!
Katy Perry pink hair metallic dress black and silver black shoes
Katy Perry looks awesome in this dress!
Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J and Ellie Goulding leaving Nobu Berkeley purple hair purple and black space cat suit
Nicki Minaj really went all out on this one! It's too much and kind of ugly... but we LOVE it! When it comes to crazy outfits she is def the winner!
Jessie J blue cat suit fur coat black hair bangs
She's soo cute in this! The kimono dress, the strappy sandals, and the umbrella, it all looks soo good!
jessie j katy perry nicki minaj crazy clothes
Jessie J looks great in this piece, but we remember that Nicki Minaj wore the same piece and she really rocked it!
Nicki Minaj hot pink chicken wing necklace purple ruffle dress rain boots camo tights
Yes, Nicki does have a chicken wing necklace on!
Published Oct 22 2011 2:14 AM
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