Robert Pattinson Talks Marriage, Babies, and the Famous Twilight Sex Scene!

Twilight stars, Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene, are currently in Stockholm, Sweden and enjoying the cold Fall weather! We just returned from the press conference for Breaking Dawn, where Robert revealed that technically he and Kristen are married! Here's what he had to say when asked about the famous wedding scene, the Edward and Bella sex scene, and babies:

Turns out that the wedding scene was filmed with a real priest, Robert said, "essentially me and Kristen are married." We know they used their character's names in the wedding scene, but still... it's kinda like the real thing, right?!

When Robert was asked what it was like playing a dad-to-be he said it would be traumatic if his girlfriend/wife got pregnant with a half-vampire child like Bella did in the movie, "what is that?!" referring to their half vampire/half human baby, Renesmee. But, Robert did go on to say he loved filming with a baby and would love to do a movie only with babies!

And now for the famous sex scene! Robert said that the sex scene was actually really hard to film. There were like 20 people in the room and saying things like, "No, that's not how Edward would thrust." Robert went on to describe his discomfort with the scene, "Both me and Kristen worried about the shape of our bodies." Just FYI Robert, you have nothing to worry about!

Ashley was a sweet as can be and talked about how the extreme fame from Twilight was unexpected and how grateful she is for all of the fans. Both her and Robert were super nice and funny. We'll be posting more pics from the Twilight events through out the day, so continue to check back with us for more Exclusive Twilight pics and gossip!
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Ashley and Robert!
Published Oct 28 2011 2:48 PM
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