Far East Movement: "We Used To Intern For Our Record Label!"

Big golden chains, awesome hair-cuts, Sunglasses and a massive boom-box with the album title 'Dirty Bass' written across the speakers. Wherever they go, Far East Movement, exude extreme cool and just plain awesomeness. We sat down to speak with the LA boys about their life on tour, how they started out as interns, and the importance of giving back to the community. Join in on a booty shaking ride with Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virman!

One of their most famous songs, 'Live My Life', became an instant hit, which we can't stop humming. The band released the song together with Justin Bieber, "We met Justin Bieber through Snoop Dogg at the Billboard Awards and we knew straight away that if Snoop is introducing us to someone, they are good people!" says Kev Nish, the lead rapper of the pack. "Justin has like 20 million followers on Twitter, it was a great thing for us to do a collaboration with him," Proghress fills in.

And besides The Biebs, Far East Movement, has worked with several top-notch artists, "We have a lot of cool collaborations on our new album 'Dirty Bass', there is Pitbull, Tyga, Cassie and many more," Kev Nish explains.

Far East Movement can not be categorized in just one music genre. Their new album is influenced by old school hiphop acts like the Beastie Boys and RUN DMC as well as modern house and dance music. "Our generation grew up in the nightclubs. We would be club hoppin' in Hollywood and see how happy people were when they danced to good songs. We felt like that was the type of music we wanted to do. When you as an artist see the positive impact your music have on the audience, that is when you feel like you have achieved something good," says Kev Nish. Aaaww bless!

The guys explain that touring together is like taking a road trip with your best friends, "We used to be the lunch table crew in school. We would sit and talk about music all days, not paying much attention to class!" says J-Splif. Can you imagine having these boys in your class? We would have loved them to bits!

"Eventually we got to intern for our record label Interscope! It was a great way for us to learn the industry in and out. Our dream was to one day walk in through the doors as artists, not interns. Look at us now!" says Kev Nish and smiles from ear to ear.

Despite the success, it is impossible to not acknowledge how humble and thankful Far East Movement are. They are incredibly happy to finally be able to write, produce and perform their own music. "We get to be so creative! Everything we do is our own design; album covers, Video, jackets.. It is so much fun!" says Kev Nish.

With great success comes a big responsibility. "All the money we made off our first ever concert was donated to a drug rehab centre in downtown LA" says Prohgress. "For our new single 'Turn up the love' we want to give something back again." Kev Nish explains.

"We encourage all our fans to turn up the love and do something good for their community, it could be anything. Record a clip of your action and upload it on Viddy. Once the Video is up, hashtag it #turnupthelovefm so that we can find it. At the end of July we'll have a look through all of the Video and make an alternative fan Video for 'Turn up the love'." says Kev Nish. Are you curious to learn more about the contest? Click here to watch Far East Movement explain the instructions!.

With their blingin' outfits, upbeat music, and incredible energy we would imagine Far East Movement to be a bunch of party starters. "We recently attended an outdoor club in Corsica with 3 000 people." says Prohgress. "The vibe was was so crazy I thought 'let's see if I can walk out on top of the crowd', which I did - literally". Kev Nish fills in "Like really, he walked, standing straight up, on the top of the palms of the peoples hands!". This sound unbelievably crazy to us! "It was!" says J-Splif. "Somewhere in the middle of the crowd was a tower and Proghress started climbing it like King Kong!"

Are you kidding with us?!

"It was awesome!" Proghress says with a big smile.
Sommarkrysset program 3.14/7Foto: Robert EklundPå bilden: Far East Movement
Prohgress, DJ Virman, Kev Nish and J-Splif are the Far East Movement.
Sommarkrysset program 3.14/7Foto: Robert EklundPå bilden: Far East Movement
Far East Movement are good friends with LMFAO.
Sommarkrysset program 3.14/7Foto: Robert EklundPå bilden: Far East Movement
"We concider partying as a part of our job. It's like doing research into what people like to dance to in the clubs!" says Prohgress.
Far East Movement
Far East Movement got successful internationally with 'Like a G6' in 2010.
"Tour life is an adventure and we are just enjoying the ride!" the band tells Posh24.
Sommarkrysset program 3.14/7Foto: Robert EklundPå bilden: Far East Movement
Source: WENN.com
"Our dream tour would be like a festival with Madonna, Beastie Boys, Robyn and Kanye West. That would be really expensive tickets with ourselves opening in the parking lot!" Ah no, you wouldn't!
Published Jul 16 2012 5:26 PM
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