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A-lister diets - The secrets behind their bodies!

Sunday 10:19 AM, 05/12/2010
Key points: Acai Berries & Cardio

Blake Lively has a body most girls would kill for. She's tall, lean and healthy. Her gorgeous body is a result of a strict, yet still pretty straight forward fitness routine. She makes sure to always eat breakfast, snack on fruits through out the day and eat strictly balanced meals for lunch and dinner. Additionally to her diet she visits the gym 4-5 times a week where she engages in cardio activities for about an hour, followed up by an hour of yoga and 30 minutes of weight training. For even better results she turns to Acai Berries, a so called super berry from South America that's said to turn your body into a fat burning furnace! Key points: Cheat days & Morning jogs

The barely legal Miss Miley Cyrus has been on the immensely popular 5 factor diet for quite some time now. The diet consists of 5 healthy meals which Miley gets delivered to her door every day, and additionally to that she engages in short but tough 25 minute work outs 5 times a week. She usually work out with morning jogs or trips on her bicycle, but does occasionally also hit the gym. What's extra special about this diet is that it actually makes room for one cheat day a week, on which Miley can indulge on her favourite junk food and sweets! Key points: Martial arts & Soy products

Angelina Jolie is almost not human. Not only does she maintain a successful career while raising 6 kids, but she never lets any of it be on the expense of her body! Angelina is a big fan of martial arts, and engages in exercise routines of kick-boxing 3-4 times a week. She's currenly on something called the blood type diet. Your diet is worked out based on your blood type, and only consists of the foods your body reacts the best to. Amongst her favourite types of  healthy food we find soy milk and sea bass. Key points: Low calorie intake & lots of dancing

When people have asked Lady Gaga how she manages to keep in such good shape, she has simply responded that super stars don't eat. She said that she survives on fish and vegetables and salads during the week days, and sometimes let herself enjoy some pasta on Sundays. Due to her life as an artist she gets plenty of exercise by dancing, but sometimes she likes to mix it up with an relaxing session of yoga. Key points: Vinegar & a pushy boyfriend

Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her. Megan Fox has an every bit as good looking body as she does face, and the secret behind it (other than a successful boob job) is a controlled diet consisting of lean proteins, almonds and vegetables. Megan claims to be very lazy when it comes to exercising, but having a health concious husband pushes her to work out more. She's often spotted leaving the gym with Brian Austin Greene. However on days where the gym just isn't an option and she's feeling bloated, she uses an self invented slimming trick - a shot of vinegar to flush out fluids!
The dieting and fitness business has it's without doubt biggest client base in Hollywood. The rich and famous spend bundles time and money in order to look camera ready at all times, but to get that slight upper hand, you have to get a little creative with it all. Posh24 has looked into the fitness secrets of 6 of the worlds foremost body role models. Get your note books ready girls!
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Ashley Tisdale Sans Make-Up!

Monday 7:33 AM, 29/11/2010
Not even celebrities can be bothered to wear make-up all the time! We spotted Ashley Tisdale leaving her house in Toluca Lake yesterday morning looking a little dishevelled in an oversized sweater and Uggs. It may not be the prettiest we've ever seen her but she still doesn't look too bad!
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Carmen Knows Fashion Too!

Sunday 10:00 PM, 28/11/2010
She may prefer tight dresses that show off her cleavage but Carmen Electra can look fashionable when she wants to! We spotted the model shopping at The Grove yesterday looking very chic in black pants, a leather jacket and a cool dangly necklace! Love it!
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Malin Åkerman Steals Lindsay's Gig!

Sunday 7:00 PM, 21/11/2010
You snooze, you lose Lindsay!
This weekend we reported that Lindsay Lohan was fired from the movie 'Inferno' (though the actress claims that she quit) and now we know who took her place! Director Matthe Wilder confirmed that Swedish actress Malin Åkerman will take Lindsay's place as Linda Lovelace and we can't wait to see the finished movie! (Source: Deadline)
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Lindsay Lohan's Inferno Extinguished!

Saturday 10:30 PM, 20/11/2010
That's what happens when you play with drugs! As you may know Lindsay Lohan was set to play porn star Linda Lovelace in the coming movie 'Inferno' but director Matthew Wilder's patience has finally run out! Wilder announced today that they have decided to move on without Lindsay and are currently in negotiations with another "amazing actress". Bummer Lindsay! (Source: E! Online)
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Watch Out For Starshell!

Friday 7:11 PM, 19/11/2010
Starshell shakes it on stage!
Not only is Mary J. Blige one of hip hop's leading ladies, she also has a talent for finding new talents! Yesterday Mary celebrated her protegé Starshells's new album at The Abbey in Los Angeles looking very prowd in the audience as the young girl performed her hit single 'Supaluva'. Check out the single below!
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