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Sunday 2:30 PM, 23/01/2011
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George Clooney: I Won't Get Married Again!

Sunday 10:00 AM, 23/01/2011
Though George Clooney's father Nick has said he still has hopes that his son will get hitched again one day George recently revealed in an interview with Piers Morgan that he's not interested in getting married again. The actor was maried to Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993 and says, "I hate to blow your whole new story, but I was married, so I gave it a shot". We just hope girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is aware of that!
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We Love You Dita!

Saturday 10:22 PM, 22/01/2011
Looking at Dita von Teese you'd think we'd traveled back in time to old Hollywood! The burlesque star always looks perfectly put together, whether she's leaving the gym or just out shopping! We spotted her walking around Los Angeles yesterday in a little black dress, classis Louboutin heels and scarlet red lips. How can you not love her!
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Colin Firth For The Win!

Saturday 5:27 PM, 22/01/2011
Helena Bonham-Carter plays Bertie's wife Queen Elizabeth!
The Academy Awards are just around the corner and one of the favorites to grab the Best Actor award is British actor Colin Firth who is brilliant as King George VI, aka Bertie, in the new movie 'The King's Speech'. Helena Bonham-Carter plays Bertie's wife the Queen and if you haven't seen the trailer you must watch it immediately! Our money is on you Colin!
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We Look Back on 2010!

Saturday 4:10 PM, 01/01/2011
2010's Engagement- Prince William finally popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton and we're fairly certain this will be one of the biggest weddings the world has ever seen! 2010's Style Icon- Nobody does it better than Olivia Palermo! That girl simply can't get an outfit wrong and we love her for it! 2010's Biggest Trend- After Burberry showed an entire collection of sheepskin aviator jackets they were on every celebrity in Hollywood! 2010's Weirdest Couple- Who would have guessed that Jake Gyllenhaal, 30, would fall for young country singer Taylor Swift, 21?! We didn't see that coming! 2010's Weirdest Couple- Who would have guessed that Jake Gyllenhaal, 30, would fall for young country singer Taylor Swift, 21?! We didn't see that coming! 2010's Most Publicized Pregnancy- Natalie Portman shocked us all when she announced she's both engaged and expecting! Men around the world mourn the loss of Hollywood's most beautiful bachelorette! 2010's Celebrity Wedding- Celebrity weddings are nothing compared to a royal one! Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden finally got her Daniel this summer! 2010's Biggest Celebrity Cheater- We don't even really know what to say, Tiger Woods won this category hands down! 2010's Celebrity Rehaber- Lindsay Lohan spent 2010 going in and out of jail and rehab and we're hoping 2011 will be a better year for her! 2010's Celebrity Reunion- Who would have thought that after four years apart Jude Law and Sienna Miller would find their ways back to each other. Romantic but let's just hope Jude can keep it in his pants this time! 2010's Celebrity Hunk- Because he really is!
What happened in the world of celebrity this year? We've listed the past year's hottest celebrity news items, check them out below!
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Style Spotlight Xtra: Rihanna's Style Evolution!

Tuesday 9:24 AM, 21/12/2010
Rihanna has always loved white on the red carpet and this is one of her first  looks from way back! After the big haircut, Rihanna's style began to change too. She began mixing menswear with pretty skirts and started piling on the accessories Around the time the Chris Brown drama came out, Rihanna wore metal and spikes. almost like body armour. Rihanna's first red carpet event after her breakup from Chris Brown. She looks almost like an alien or a super-hero from another world When Rihanna launched her album R-Rated post-Chris Brown, the love of all things military and spikey continued and her hairstyle was all kinds of edgy, even rocking a blonde faux-hawk! Major luxury brand houses like Chanel began to notice Rihanna's new edgy style and with this lace, pearl and glam makeup look with the sharp nails, she started a world wide trend in fashion! On the red carpet, Rihanna is never afraid to experiment and take a risk, no wonder she was named "Most Glamorous Woman" of 2009! Ever wonder who started the shoulder pad and gray-scale trend? Rihanna of course! We also love the way she uses colour in her makeup! A new album and a whole new look! Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World" brought on the bright red hair and the much more feminine style. She was seen wearing a whole lot of floral prints and colourful accessories this Summer and Fall. A new love means back to girly for Rihanna! Now that Matt Kemp is in her life, she is wearing longer, pretty locks, in a deep red and her style has gone back to the bodycon look from when we first got to know her. We also love the cute retro hairscarves!
Pop super star Rihanna is not only an amazing artist when it comes to her music, we also admire her for her unique and edgy personal style!. Like many fashionistas, Rihanna has gone through many transformations over the years and you can see it through her choice of fashion! Here is a look at some of her most iconic and trend-setting looks!
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