Eva Mendes Wants To Marry Ryan Gosling NOW!

Eva Mendes brown hair pouty lips
Eva Mendes seems a little sneaky! Eva and Ryan Gosling has been dating for 9 months, and during the last couple of months she's been all about marriage and children, even though Ryan is not really ready for it yet. And now she's turned to the only woman she know could make Ryan change his mind- his mom! "Eva hit it off with Donna [Ryan's mom] immediately", a close friend to Eva tells.

But they're not just friends, reportedly the two women have become best friends! "Now they text and email all the time", the source continues. "Eva and Donna just get along really, really well." Well, we guess the way to a man's heart is through his mom... (celebitchy)
Eva Mendes white gala gown smiling brown hair
Ryan Gosling surprised nude tee green tee
He sure was surprised when his mom and his girlfriend became besties!
Eva Mendes white dress sheer black belt hair up
She wants to be a bride like NOW!
Ryan Gosling gray tee sunglasses blonde hair
She wants to be a bride like NOW!
Source: WENN.com
She wants to be a bride like NOW!
Published Jun 15 2012 8:07 AM
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