Eva Mendes

5 March 1974, Miami, Florida, USA
40 years

Will Smith, Matt Damon, George Gargurevich
Eva Mendes biggest role to date was as Denzel Washingtons girlfriend in the date Training Day. She speaks fluent Spanish thanks to her Cuban heritage. She loves skiing and rock-climbing. Has spent some time in rehab for "personal problems".

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Street Style! Top Ten Celeb Looks Right Off the Street!

Thursday 9:04 PM, 23/06/2011
9. Whitney Port went the indie route with vintage sunglasses, colorful shorts, and cute oxfords. We're not crazy about this look but think if she switched the tee for a black tank top it would work so much better. 8. The Hangover II star, Yasmin Lee, looks chic with her scarf and jeans. It's an ok look. 7. Kat Von D mixes mustard with grey and red. We like the pants and tank top combo but we kinda hate the red glasses. 6. Jordana Brewster mixes stripes with ripped jeans and Toms. Love the stripes and the shoes, not crazy about the jeans. That's one big rip at the knee. 5. Props to Nicole Richie for looking super cute while heading to the gym! From her striped sweater (love the red stitching), sunglasses, and black bag- it's just a great look for even the most casual errands. 4. Kim Kardashian and her grandmother look pretty great together! We love Kim's pink Alexander McQueen scarf and how her grandmother threw on a pink cardi. 3. Claudia Schiffer rocks the school run in black skinny jeans with a great zipper detail, a black and red tee, and black gladiator sandals. It's such a carefree but put-together look. 2. We love this chic look on Amanda Seyfried. The menswear-inspired pants, black tank top, and classic Chanel bag= perfection! 1. Fearne Cotton is the queen of street style and this outfit proves why!
Some celebs have the perfect style on and off the red carpet. Like Claudia Schiffer, she's pap'd almost every morning and always looks great! Other celebs like Amanda Seyfried understand that simple is best when going casual. And then there are other stars who sometimes miss the mark a bit. Check out who we think has the best street style this week!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 7:09 PM, 07/06/2011
This look almost worked for Khloe Kardashian, we wish she would've added a white shirt instead of the boring black. And removed the hat! We don't understand this short/long dress thing celebs are wearing. It's ugly. Teen Wolf star, Holland Roden, would've looked great if the dress was short and not halfsies. It's kind of cheating putting Snooki on this list but srsly, girl, enough with the furry boots- it summer! Poor Hailee Steinfeld, we love her, but this pant suit is not working. She's 14 not 50! Kelly Rowland has a great body. We know it, she knows it, but there is no need to wear a skimpy, lacy crop top with huge shoulders...ever. The shirt and skirt combo doesn't work either. Yikes! When did Maggie Gyllenhaal turn 80? She's too pretty to be dressing like that. We're not the biggest fans of Scarlett Johansson's red hair (it looks so fake) nor this ruffled Valentino number (it looks cheap) This is just too much, Eva Mendes! Too much lilac, too much fabric, too much ugggghhh. Nicola Roberts mixed patterns in the worst way possible.
This Week's Worst Dressed seemed worse than normal. We're cringing at these photos and wishing they never existed. So here's our advice: ladies, there's a way to work a playsuit and Jessica Szhor did not accomplish it! Also, patterns are hot but choose wisely! And finally, pant suits and crop tops will never look great unless you're 45 and work in an office or you live in the 90's (you don't). So please remember this before you get dressed in the morning, you'll thank us later.


Who Was This Week's Worst Dressed Celeb?

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Hottest At Guys' Choice Awards?

Sunday 10:00 PM, 05/06/2011
JT looked his usual charming self! We're not sure we're completely on board for Scarlett Johansson's new hair color... At a first glance, Eva Mendes might look awfully dressed for a gala about hotness- but don't be fooled. The dress had a complete open back! Minka Kelly achieved the perfect mix of cute and sexy! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked drop dead gorgeous! But boy, that cleavage almost goes down to her stomach!
Last night, Spike TV held their annual Guys' Choice Awards in L.A. While we have to say that we're a bit skeptical to an entire gala devoted to objectifying women, we would be lying if we said we didn't find it at least a little bit fun.

Jennifer Aniston took home the award for a "Decade of Hotness" and Mila Kunis was presented with the "Holy Grail of Hot" award by none other than her "Friends with Benefits" co-star Justin Timberlake.

The actual gala is airing on Friday 10th, so you'll have to wait until then to find out who the other winners are. Are you perhaps curious who takes home the award for best Girl on Girl action? Make sure to tune in!

But until then - who do you think looked hottest at the event last night?


Who was hottest?

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Carmen Electra Gets Her Sexy On!

Sunday 5:20 PM, 05/06/2011
Carmen and Robin Antin, the founder of the Pussy Cat Dolls! You can't get all the poses right... She sure knows how to work a chair!
Carmen Electra may dress like a true lady on the street, but it's long known by now that she has a wicked side to her. She has played countless of sex objects in movies, and if the Pussy Cat Dolls invites her to perform at the opening of their new Burlesque Saloon in Las Vegas, you just know she'll throw on her lace stockings and high heels and be there in a jiffy!
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Picture special

Saturday 12:13 PM, 23/04/2011
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 6:32 PM, 07/03/2011
Fashion Trauma from this week was all over the place, from the red carpets to Fashion Week in Europe, stars like Taylor Momsen and M...READ MORE ▶
9. Glee's Lea Michele had a huge fashion fail moment at the Vanity Fair Party last week. She covered her entire body in blue crushed velvet and then pulled her hair back really tightly - do we have to say more? 8. Too much cutout and you are left with no support in your clothing, Michelle Rodriguez found this out the hard way in this black mess of a dress! 7. Seriously Madonna? Aren't you like 30 years too old for this outfit?! 6. Ew actress Debbie Gibson looks seriously cheap! This is how not to wear leopard! 5. Jennifer Lopez has a thing about little black shorts at the moment, she has been wearing them everywhere, but oh no, not with those white pumps! Eeeek! 4. This outfit on Kim Kardashian is all kinds of wrong! Mostly its the ridiculous outfits that are bothering us though! 3. We are not sure what Eva Mendes was thinking with this mesh and sheer panelled dress...its not vintage, its just plain scary! 2. Marina Diamandis in her crazy colour and pattern combos - again at fashion week. You can't call this pretty! 1. Another night another ridiculous lingerie outfit from Taylor Momsen. Yuck!
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