Erin Lucas

1 January 1985, Honulu, USA
30 years

Erin Lucas is the daughter of AC/DC's bass guitarist Cliff Williams. She spent her childhood in their tourbus and took the lastname Lucas (after her brother) in adulthood. Erin Lucas appeared in television series The City, as a friend of Whitney Port.
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City Style: Erin Lucas Top 7 Outfits!

Saturday 12:13 PM, 13/08/2011
2. She is always so trendy. She has everything right: high waist pants, nude heels, pink blazer and check out her orange nail polish! Love! 3. You all know how hot the playsuit is! This look could easily be too much, but Erin pulls it off! 4. How hot can she get?! Once again the pop of color! We're gonna steal that style tip! 5. Erin is the queen of big necklaces! It's the perfect accessory for a girly dress! 6. We love this outfit! Change the heels to a pair of ballerina shoes and you have the perfect "day" outfit. 7. Ok, the body jewelry and the deep cleavage looks a bit trashy. But we love Erin for choosing a brave color like hot pink!
If you've seen the show "The City", you'll know who Erin Lucas is (Whitney Port's best friend). We love her style! It's really fun, flirty, and colorful! She's not afraid to show her beautiful figure and that's always a plus! Click on the pictures to see Erin Lucas' Top 7 Outfits!
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Style Tip: Make A Statement!

Thursday 5:15 PM, 21/07/2011
We love Eva Mendes' big, chain necklace in gold! So simple but powerful! Katy Perry has a beautiful necklace with black pearls. We love that Jessica Biel matched a casual outfit with this gold necklace! Kelly Rutherford's character Lily from Gossip Girl always wear beautiful jewelry that makes a statement. We would do anything for this piece! Erin Lucas knows that statement necklaces is the right way to perfect an outfit!
Here comes an accessory report! The biggest trend right now is the statement necklace! We absolutely love it! Hot female celebs like Leighton Meester and Jessica Biel have been spotted wearing gorgeous statement necklaces. The statement necklace is such a nice complement to any outfit! Wear it with a cocktail dress or just with jeans and a t-shirt. A statement necklace can turn any outfit from dull to dazzling!
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Get The Celeb Look! Erin Lucas!

Tuesday 6:06 PM, 19/07/2011
Do you remember Erin Lucas from The City? She was Whitney's BFF but then she just disappeared in the second season. We thought that was really sad because she had such a great style! That girl knew how to dress to be the center of the attention without ever losing her class!

Sophisticated but fun seems to be Erin's mantra when it comes to fashion, which is just perfect for those summer parties where you need to dress up a little more!

How to get the look:
-A blazer is a classic that can be both casual and dressy! To avoid the office look, role up the sleeves and since it's summer, skip the black one! Instead go for something in a lighter color, just like Erin. Try this one from H&M
-We love the cropped pants trend and love it even more on Erin! It's really pretty and it's a nice way of showing of your shoes. We love these black ones from Topshop
- There is no need to over do it, a white tank top is perfect to wear with a cream blazer and black trousers. This one is from H&M
- But to not make it too boring, you should follow Erin's lead and put on a really big necklace! This gorgeous golden necklace with black and grey stones is from Forever21
-Since you're wearing pants that are a little bit shorter, your shoes are so important! We love Erin's high heeled suede boots and these ones from Asos are also in suede and super hot!
-Finally, since it is summer and that means color! When your outfit is pretty neutral, a fun and bright nail polish is the solution! Don't you just love Erin's bright orange nails? So pretty and you can have it too, with this nail polish from H&M , great isn't it?

So just like that you're ready to go to this summer's hottest party and look just as chic as Erin Lucas!

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Bare It All With a Crop Top!

Sunday 12:02 PM, 26/06/2011
Rachel Bilson goes back to basic with a simple grey top and boyfriend fit jeans Wow, Erin Lucas looks amazing! Not everyone could pull this look of, but on Rihanna it looks kinda cool! Britney has worn cropped tops since 1998. It didn't work then and it doesn't work now. Leighton Meester shows that cropped tops can be elegant too! Sienna Miller dresses the cropped top in the best way possible-with high waisted shorts This outfit on Ashley Greene is perfect for a shopping spree. Ciara is showing off her cute belly. What were you thinking Vanessa? The feathers, face painting and strange fitting top isn't working at all!
Should we love or hate them? Actually, we're not so sure. What we do know though, is that the 90's clothes are back! Cropped tops are everywhere, in every store, on every girl walking by, and on every celebrity. If you're looking for the hottest trend of the summer, it's the crop top.

Crop tops can look really great, especially when paired with a maxi skirt or a pair of high waisted shorts. Sienna Miller and Rihanna have this look down perfectly! But then there are times when it crashes and burns, like on Britney Spears or Vanessa Hudgens. What do you guys think? Will you be wearing a crop top this summer?
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Celebs Excited About Esprit!

Thursday 7:07 AM, 25/03/2010
Erin Lucas, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Robert Verdi and Emmy Rossum, Macy Gray, Robert Verdi,
The new Esprit flagship store opened in New York City yesterday and wow, does the clothing company have some interesting celebrity fans! The usually camera shy Macy Gray turned up on the red carpet looking very happy and excited to be there and so was newly single Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is still trying to rock that new hairdo of hers and we are still not loving it! Style Guru Robert Verdi was there to check out the fashion and he brought some of his star friends along, take a look!
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On a date?

New Gossip Girl Love Match?

Saturday 12:50 AM, 20/03/2010
Melissa Joan Hart Richie Rich Erin Lucas Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe Roxy Olin Totally cute! Kat DeLuna Tinsley Mortimer Coupley coupley! Mmmm what's going on here?
Is it just us or have Gossip Girl stars Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle been spending a lot of time off-set with each other? They are both recently single and they are very cosy and cuddly together! Especially last night at the Alice+Olivia shop opening in NYC!.They were all over each other, touching and joking around on the red carpet! They are a couple on Gossip Girl, and there are so many real life hookups on the show, we wouldn't be surprised if these two are the latest hot Gossip Girl couple! See how cute they were and who else was at the opening below!

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