Eric Mabius

21 April 1971, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
43 years

Ivy Sherman
Eric Mabius is an American actor who has been in both movies and tv-shows (perhaps his most famous role is as Daniel in Ugly Bettty). He loves mustard and puts it on everything. He auditioned for a part in Scream 2 but didn't get it.

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Which Ugly Betty Character Is Your Favourite?

Friday 4:50 PM, 16/04/2010
America Ferrera's character Betty Suarez is definitely the main character in this series! We love her crazy style and her special nutty personality and we will miss her so much! Becki Newton plays sexy secretary Amanda. She is a real fashionista and there is nothing else to say about it! Hilda Suarez is Betty's sister and she is played by Ana Ortiz. She is such a colourful character and we love how she and Betty play off each other - real love hate sisters! Vanessa Williams plays Wihelmina Slater, the wicked fashion witch with a cold cold heart! We love to hate her! Even though Alexis Meade, played by Rebecca Romijn isn't on the show anymore, she had to be on the list, her character was so amazing! Such a glamorous woman, especially for someone who used to be a man! Haha! Michael Urie plays charismatic assistant Marc. He is Amanda's BFF and Wilhelmina's accomplice, we love his fashion too! Betty's dad Ignacio Suarez is the series' ray of sunshine! With his famous tacos and burritos, he charms everyone around him! Eric Mabius plays Daniel Meade, a woman crazy chief editor, what a demanding strange guy! Can't help totally crushing on him though! Haha! Who doesn't love Justin Suarez?! He is the coolest little queer teen on television! What a fabulous kid!
Now its official, after this last season, there will be no more Ugly Betty...on television that is! We are hearing rumours about a possible movie! More details as they come the meantime we are still having fun with all things Betty! Today's question is, who is your favourite Ugly Betty character?! Vote!

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Ugly Betty's Last Episode!

Tuesday 7:26 AM, 06/04/2010
Ivy Sherman and Eric Mabius America Ferrera Ivy Sherman and Eric Mabius America Ferrera and Eric Mabius
As you already know ABC has decided to cancel their hit TV show 'Ugly Betty' so America Ferrera, Eric Mabius and the rest of the cast are now busy filming the last episodes! We spotted them in Trafalgar Square in London, England yesterday filming scenes for the final episode so obviously the show will finish in England! Exciting!
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Goodbye Ugly Betty!

Thursday 1:08 PM, 28/01/2010
Goodbye Ugly Betty!
Becki Newton America Ferrerra will always be Betty to us! Eric Mabius Ashley Jensen Vanessa Williams Michael Urie Ana Ortiz Kristen Johnston
Oh no this is sad! The Ugly Betty show has just announced that it has been cancelled! This will be the last season ever! Yes, we know, the show has had bad ratings for a while now, but weren't you hoping they would make a big comeback this season? The last season will end in a big grande finale goodbye and then that's it, no more Betty! We will miss you America Ferrerra, Vanessa Williams and Eric Mabius, but we also can't wait to see how it ends! (Source: EW)
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Betty not so Ugly Anymore!

Tuesday 10:15 AM, 24/11/2009
Betty not so Ugly Anymore!
Still the same funny Betty though! Wow those shoes! A new Betty!
Wow, have you seen America Ferrera's character Ugly Betty lately? She is definitely doing well in makeover land! We spotted the cast filming some hilarious street scenes where Betty trips and falls on some marbles and we couldn't help but notice she is looking a lot more chic these days! Just look at those fabulous shoes! We can't wait to see the full Betty transformation, we hope they keep her love of colours and patterns, because that's what makes Betty cool and of course she will never loose her ditzy personality! Hee hee!, she is so funny with that fall!
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Crazy for shopping

Leighton Meester Goes Vamp!

Wednesday 1:21 PM, 18/11/2009
Leighton Meester Goes Vamp!
Pete Wentz Adrian Grenier Ugly Betty star Eric Mabius Roxy Olin Michelle Trachtenberg Adrienne Bailon Joy Lauren Samantha Swetra Jessica Szohr Bree Williamson Richie Rich Christian Siriano
Last night in New York, the stars came out to shop! Gossip Girl stars like Leighton Meester, Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr, all dressed to kill came to support the American Eagles Outfitters grand store opening. Even the boys were ready for retail, with fans Pete Wentz, Adrian Grenier and designer Christian Siriano showing up on the red carpet too! What a star-studded party!
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