Eric Dane gets McSteamy with his wife!

Friday 4:16 PM, 13/06/2008
Eric Dane gets McSteamy with his wife!

McSteamy (or Eric Dane) and his wife, beautiful actress Rebecca Gayheart, are currently on the island of St. Barths where they are enjoying a romantic vacation. Yesterday afternoon was spent splashing around in the water on a secluded beach and the couple only had eyes for each other. Eric and Rebecca looked as though they were teenagers in love even though they have been married for almost four years now and couldn't stop touching and kissing each other. Later on they were joined on the beach by an older couple that could have been either of the actors' parents!
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carica94 (Posh24 member) 1
08/10/2008 1:36 PM
Rebecca is not using him enough. He's soo hot.

staviksbro(non member) 2
18/08/2009 3:27 PM
clara tea är -., bada

:((non member) 3
19/08/2009 12:43 AM
blah he has no body lol

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