Emma Watson

15 April 1990, Paris, France
24 years

Mitchel Musso, Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Tom Ducker, Johnny Borrell
Emma Watson is a British actress who is most famous for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. Her role models are Julia Roberts, Goldie Hawn, John Cleese and Sandra Bullock.

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The Hunger Games: Celebrity Edition

Friday 12:17 PM, 23/03/2012
Jessica Alba may be a devoted housewife and mom now, but back in the day she was known for her athletic bod. She could take out a few of the contestants! Emma Watson may have learned a few magic tricks from her Harry Potter character, Hermione Granger. Tom Hiddleston played Loki in the movie "Thor." His character was sly and smart, good for the Games? What about Spider-Man actor, Andrew Garfield? Chloe Grace Moretz played Hit Girl in the movie "Kick Ass" and she's known for her tough characters and fierce attitude. Does Vin Diesel still have it? Chris Hemsworth is the older brother to "The Hunger Games" star, Liam Hemsworth. He also played Thor in the movie "Thor." Kristen Stewart usually plays strong characters, like Snow White in this year's "Snow White and the Huntsman." We also think that Taylor Lautner would do well, have you seen his abs?
Are you guys so excited about The Hunger Games premiere today? Maybe you saw the midnight showing last night? Either way We Are PSYCHED! To kick off the best day ever, we thought we'd do our own Hunger Games... Celebrity Edition! Which celeb do you think would win the games? Ian Somerhalder or Kristen Stewart or Andrew Garfield? Vote for the most worthy celeb and may the odds ever be in your favor!


Who Would Win The Hunger Games: Celeb Edition?

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Natural Look! Celebrity Women Without Make Up!

Wednesday 3:03 PM, 21/03/2012
Kate Bosworth is pretty! Eva Mendes looks sad, but she's a natural beauty. Jessica Biel is a gorgeous woman, with or without make up! You look so young without make-up, Emma Watson! Confident without make-up, Kim Kardashian! Gwyneth Paltrow looks so healthy! Not as elegant as we're used to see you, Kirsten Dunst. Kate Hudson looks tired. So sweet, Katie Holmes! Whitney Port love being without make-up.
Celebrities are not always surrounded by stylists and make-up artists. And how good is that?! They show us that not even they are completely flawless. We've seen ten celebrity women like Kim Kardashian and Emma Watson who dare to show their natural look. Click on the pics and see their real faces!
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Style Tip: How Celebrities Wear Metallic!

Thursday 7:02 PM, 15/03/2012
Anne Hathaway in a cute metallic dress. Diane Kruger wears metallic on the red carpet. Rachel McAdams in a metallic top. Jessie J looks like a goddess! Heidi Klum in a cool silver dress. Selena Gomez is stunning  in her dress. We love Jessica Lowndes' little black metallic dress. That dress is really cute on Emma Watson. Lily Cole wears the metallic trend with a gold jacket.
One of the celebrities fashion trend is metallic. If you want to shine as the stars does, wear metallic clothes! Wear it like Audrina Patridge and Selena Gomez and you will definitely steal the show! Click on the pictures to see more celebs in metallic!
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Trend Alert: Fashion Inspired By Ballet!

Tuesday 11:04 PM, 13/03/2012
Miranda Kerr is beautiful as always. Taylor Swift wears a cute dress. Sarah Jessica Parker adds black details to her white ballerina dress. Jessica Stam in a cute dress. Emma Roberts in a black ballerina inspired dress. Megan Fox Kate Bosworth goes all in with the ballerina style with a ballerina inspired dress, tights and a bun. The British actress Amanda Holden in a pink dress, so cute! Emma Watson look great in her grey dress.
The ballerina skirts and dresses doesn't only belong to the ballet. Hollywood celebrities are like Rihanna and Miranda Kerr is also embracing the ballet fashion. Click on the pictures to see more celebrities that love this cute style!
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Pose Like A Celebrity: Blow A Kiss!

Monday 6:57 PM, 12/03/2012
Swedish actress Noomi Rapace blows an elegant kiss. Doutzen Kroes poses with pouty lips. Emma Watson's blow kiss is not very flirty. It looks like you're holding something in your hand, Lady Gaga. The mother-to-be Snooki love blowing kisses. Vanessa Hudgens has the perfect flirty look. Jennifer Hudson. Khloe Kardashian loves this pose. Malin Akerman has someone special in sight.
Are you stuck in a favorite pose? Well, next time you do your thing in front of the camera you should try something new - like blowing a kiss! Victoria's Secret celebs like Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroues love this sexy, flirty and cute pose. Click on the pics and learn how to do it like a celeb!
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Even Fashionistas Make Mistakes!

Wednesday 12:07 PM, 07/03/2012
We don't think Blair Waldorf would approve of this Leighton Meester! Maybe if the dress was shorter Kirsten Dunst would have pulled this of but with that length the dress just looks like a two-person tent. Was Blake Lively on her way to an ice rink when she accidently ended up on the red carpet? What other reason could there be that one of the world's biggest fashionista is wearing a silver green cut out dress covered with white fringes that makes her look like a figure skater? Why would you ever dress yourself 20 years older? This outfit makes Rachel Bilson look twice her age. A black net dress with a black velvet hem? Come on Kate Moss, you can do better than that! So we get it, Emma Watson wanted to go big at the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie, but this was just waay over the top. Hello grandma! Oh, we mean Olivia Wilde.
Do you take a look at Blake Lively or Whitney Port whenever you need some fashionable inspiration? It's a good idea... most of the time. Other times, think again. Though they often end up looking great, even fashionistas makes mistakes. Really big mistakes.
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