Emma Roberts

1 February 1991, New York, USA
23 years

Emma Roberts is an American actor who debuted in the movie Blow when she was just nine years old. Daughter of Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts' niece. She is friends with Jamie Lynn Spears. 157 cm tall.
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Hot And Not! Best And Worst Dressed Celebrities This Week!

Wednesday 9:04 PM, 28/11/2012
HOT: Aw, we like, Sophia Bush! HOT: Seriously, Emma Roberts, this is so cute. And we adore your shoes! HOT: A little color is always appreciated, Katherine Heigl! HOT: Katie Lee made it to the 5th best dressed this week! NOT: Kimberly Stewart: doesn't matter if you're just on your way to get coffee or if you're doing something else - your outfit is so not charming... NOT: Selma Blair looking almost as trashy as Kimberly! NOT: Oh no, Gwen Stefani... NOT: What is this, Rita Ora? What's up with your outfit?! NOT: We've seen worse, but we've also seen better, Rita!
We're used to seeing the celebreties looking their best in exclusive outfits, despite they are just like the rest of us! They can have a bad hair day or even a bad-outfit-day! We've listed 10 Hot or Not's today with pics of celebs, featuring celebs like Gwen Stefani and Emma Roberts, from the past week. Have a click on the pics to find out who dressed the best and who dressed the worst this week!
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Pink And Cute, Emma Roberts!

Thursday 9:59 AM, 22/11/2012
Cute outfit, Emma Roberts!
We spotted Emma Roberts leaving Benjamin hair salon on Melrose in West Hollywood, carrying a clear container (why?!) and wearing a pink "Kiss The Future" sweatshirt from Zoe Karssen - which overall is really cute matched with those skinny jeans and ballerina shoes - and a Spice Girls key chain. Oh, and we love her 35mm Sprocket Rocket Panorma Camera that actually uses film! Can we agree on that Emma is really cute?
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Emma Roberts In Trouble With Officer!

Thursday 2:35 AM, 08/11/2012
Now, be good Emma!
Oh Emma Roberts, how many times do we have to tell you to park your car in a parking spot, just not anywhere on the street? Well, yesterday she did it again, which is kinda disrespectful and of course nothing to be proud of. Emma got a parking ticket and drove away from the scene, feeling pretty ashamed probably. Stay away from trouble, Em! We know you can do better!
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Sloppy Shopping: Emma Roberts!

Tuesday 9:34 AM, 06/11/2012
But that's OK! She's still looking cute.
We spotted Emma Roberts shopping at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood yesterday. Emma was looking kind of sloppy, not wearing a bra or having her ballerina shoes on more than as slippers - but who cares! Click on the pics to see more of her shopping.
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Top 6: Worst Dressed Celebrities Of The Week!

Friday 9:46 PM, 02/11/2012
2. Emma Roberts is pretty but boring in this raspberry red cardigan. 3. Old lady alert! Fearne Cotton's long leopard skirt combined with thick black tights... no no! 4. We are not so sure about this one colored piece Stella McCartney! How about a black top with the pants, or a pair of jeans with the top? 5. Are you even wearing pants Kesha?! We see something that could be golden hotpants, but we are not sure....! 6. M-m-m-multicolor with Nicki Minaj! Too much of everything. That's all.
Time to take a look at this week's worst dressed celebrities. Some of their fashion choices are truly... not that nice. Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj took the multicolor trend to new extremes and Stella McCartney is too dull in her one colored jumpsuit. Click on the pictures for this week's worst dressed celebrities!
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Fashion Inspiration: Emma Roberts Cute Everyday Look!

Wednesday 3:07 PM, 31/10/2012
Well hello there cutie! We spotted Emma Roberts out and about on a walk in this cute everyday look. How come like all Hollywood stars look so super chic every single day? They must clearly have some sort of secret tip that we know nothing about... Anyway, awesome look Emma!
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