Emma Roberts

1 February 1991, New York, USA
24 years

Emma Roberts is an American actor who debuted in the movie Blow when she was just nine years old. Daughter of Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts' niece. She is friends with Jamie Lynn Spears. 157 cm tall.
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What Will Chord Overstreet Do Now That He Quit Glee?!

Friday 12:16 PM, 26/08/2011
But we'll miss you on Glee!
Now that Chord Overstreet has left Glee, we have to wonder, what's he going to do next? We know he's dating Emma Roberts but is that all that Chord plans to do? We hope not!

We found out that Chord has a few tricks up his sleeve, he's planning on working on a record! We love his voice and think he'd have a great career in music! Chord will also be starring in an episode of the TV show, The Middle!

We still wish we could see Chord on Glee but it sounds like he knows what he wants! (tvline)
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Celebrity Style Tip! Statement Earrings!

Thursday 9:12 PM, 25/08/2011
We've spotted Drew Barrymore in theses amazing earrings several times! We think they're her favorite! And we understand why! Do like Hilary Duff and pull your hair back to draw attention to you beautiful earrings! If you're a bit shy when it comes to big accessories, go for a simple design like Emma Roberts did! Wow! Jaime King's earrings are so fabulous! She matched her glamorous earrings with a casual shirt. Blake Lively went for a pair of smaller earrings. But their color makes them pop!
We love jewelry that really makes a statement! But we're getting a bit tired of necklaces and that's why we're so happy to say that the trend is moving it's way up! To our ears! It's time to go bigger than BIG when it comes to earrings! Colorful or sparkling...it doesn't matter, as long as your earrings are oversized you've nailed the hottest trend this Fall!

Click on the pictures to see how starlets like Beyonce, Drew Barrymore and Hilary Duff styled this trend in the best possible way!
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Emma Robert's Floral Fall Fashion!

Wednesday 12:07 PM, 24/08/2011
We spotted Emma Roberts out and about the other day and we just have to say that we love, love, love her style! Her sweater is super cute with it's floral striped pattern and we love the olive green chinos. If you're wondering what's up with her awkward looking flip flops, well she had just received a pedicure! This is a look (sans flip flops) that we would totally rock, especially now that the weather is getting cooler! Click on the photos to see more of Emma's super cute style!
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Business in the Front, Party in the Back! The Mullet's Fashionable Comeback!

Saturday 3:13 PM, 20/08/2011
We love this, Jessica Alba! We're not convinced about this one, Khloe Kardashian! Bright blue + blondes= prefect! Just look at Blake Lively! Sorry Miley Cyrus, but this just comes across as a little bit trashy... We sort of think  that this dress on Kate Hudson would have worked better without the train. The dress is cool but Sienna Miller's shoes cut her legs of and make her look shorter! Once again we think the look would have worked better without the train. But we love Demi Lovato's smile! Wow, now here's a crazy dress! But it sort of works on January Jones! Fergie gets away with pretty much anything fashion-wise and we like this dress! Flowy and beautiful! Love this on Emma Roberts!
Sometimes we have a hard time choosing between a short dress or a long dress, but lately here's been a new hybrid of dress that makes that decision so much easier for us: the mullet dress. The mullet dress is short in the front and long in the back (like that terrible 80's hairstyle). While we're not huge fans of this trend, some celebs like Selena Gomez have managed to pull it off! What do you think of the mullet dress? Love or hate?
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Sex and the City the TV Show? Yes! It's Happening!

Friday 9:03 AM, 19/08/2011
Oh Samantha! Haha, here's Charlotte when she first arrived to NYC! Miranda seems to be almost the same then as now! Carrie in with her famous "Carrie-style.2 We love Sex and the City!
Get ready, we're about to tel you guys the best news ever! Are you ready? Well, after rumors that they were going to make a Sex and the City Prequ...READ MORE ▶
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Hollywood's Next It Girl? Battle of the Emmas!

Wednesday 6:05 PM, 17/08/2011
Emma Roberts! Emma Stone! Emma Watson!
Emma Roberts, Emma Watson, and Emma Stone are all making their way into the coveted It Girl of Hollywood! We love all three of them and think they're all so great! Emma Roberts, the niece of Julia Roberts, has starred in Scream 4 and Valentine's Day! She's also girlfriend to Glee's Chord Overstreet! Emma Watson is super famous for playing Hermione in the Harry Potter series but is quickly making her way as a model and fashion girl. Emma Stone is best known for starring in comedies like Super Bad, Easy A, and Zombieland. If you had to choose between the three of them, which Emma would you choose?
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