Emma Roberts

1 February 1991, New York, USA
24 years

Emma Roberts is an American actor who debuted in the movie Blow when she was just nine years old. Daughter of Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts' niece. She is friends with Jamie Lynn Spears. 157 cm tall.
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Loving Your Shoes Emma Roberts!

Sunday 7:59 AM, 03/06/2012
Who is calling, Emma? Cute make up bag! Uh-oh! Is she getting a ticket?!
Emma Roberts took a stroll in Beverly Hills wearing some awsome black shoes with golden studs. Where did you get those, Emma?
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The Most Famous Celebs Born in the 90's

Wednesday 9:11 PM, 16/05/2012
Taylor Lautner was born in February 1992 and just turned 20! Wow! The youngest of the Jonas Brothers is Nick Jonas, he was born in 1992. Taylor Momsen has gone from a sweet little girl to rock chic. She was born in 1993. Selena Gomez is born in 1992 and is two years older than her BF Justin Bieber. We remember Emma Watson as the little Hermione in Harry Potter, but she isn't that little anymore She's born in 1990! The Biebs is just 18! Emma Roberts, was born in 1991. The same year that her aunt, Julia Roberts', movie Sleeping with the Enemy was released. Dakota Fanning is as old as Justin Bieber, didn't think that did you? Miley Cyrus turns 20 this November!
Some of the most famous and richest celebs in Hollywood aren't even 25 yet! We've listed our favorite top ten celebs who were born in the 90's! Cli...READ MORE ▶
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Emma Robert's Cool Curls!

Wednesday 3:15 PM, 16/05/2012
We love this outfit on Emma Roberts. The hat, the stripes, the shorts! It's super cute. But what we really love are her cute curls! Her hair the perfect length (right at the shoulders) and we love how she put it in carefree curls.
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Emma Roberts fabulous outfit for shopping!

Tuesday 9:08 AM, 15/05/2012
Emma was out shopping in this cute and comfy outfit! The very trendy leopard scarf is a super hot item this season and Emma knows how to use it. Perfect outfit for a chilly but sunny day!
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Outfit Of the Day: Emma Roberts

Friday 12:18 PM, 27/04/2012
We spotted Emma Robers looking ready for summer in a sheer, olive green shirt, a pair of perfectly worn-in skinny jeans, and really cute sandals. It's a simple outfit but one that makes ready for hot, hot heat and iced lattes!
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Who Wore It Better? Emma Roberts Vs Rebecca Hall!

Wednesday 11:14 PM, 25/04/2012
Is Emma today's winner? Or is it Rebecca?
We spotted Emma Roberts and British actress Rebecca Hall wearing the same cool YSL jumpsuit. They both matched it with a pair of black heels and a black clutch. Emma dared to go bare shoulders while Rebecca rocked a black blazer. So who do you think wore it better? Vote and let us know!


Who Rocked It Better?

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