Elvis Presley's Granddaughter Gets Into Acting!

Saturday 7:35 PM, 20/08/2011
Elvis Presley's Granddaughter Gets Into Acting!

When you have dreams of becoming an A-list actress, it really helps if your granddad is one of the most famous musicians who ever lived! Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough started her acting career back in 2010 when she starred in Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning's much talked about movie The Runaways. She has since played a few small parts here and there, but only now has she landed her first ever leading role!

Riley has been cast as the troubled girlfriend of British actor Alex Pettyfer’s exotic dancer character in the new stripper movie 'Magic Mike'. She beat out Lindsay Lohan to the part, and amongst the other cast members we find Jessica Biel and Joe Manganiello as strippers and Matthew McConaughey as a stripper turned club owner.

The movie will be directed by renowned director Steven Soderbergh, so as you can probably tell, this is kind of a big deal for her! We're personally big fans of Riley's look (she sort of looks like her granddad, doesn't she?) and can't wait to see if she got the proper skills to keep up when the shootings begin in Florida this autumn.
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AliceBlahBlah (Posh24 member) 1
21/08/2011 8:49 PM
On the 1st picture she looks fabulous! :)

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