Elton John

25 March 1947, Pinner, London, England
68 years

Renate Blauel
Sir Elton John är en framgångsrik musiker som har skrivit bland annat Candle in the Wind (åt Prinsessan Diana). Har varit alkoholist, drogberoende och bulimiker. Öppet homosexuell. Gudfar till Liz Hurley's son Damian Charles samt Brooklyn och Romeo Beckham!
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Watch Out Pepsi's Super Bowl Commercial With Elton John And Melanie Amaro!

Saturday 8:20 AM, 04/02/2012
The Super Bowl commercials are in a class by itse lf!Just saying! Check out Pepsi's Super Bowl commercial entitled King's Court, which features Elton John and Melanie Amaro. It was released yesterday and we can only conclude that this is amazing! We can't wait to watch this again when it airs during the Super Bowl!

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Top List: 10 $Richest$ Celebs Ever!

Thursday 11:13 PM, 03/11/2011
2. Steven Spielberg has created some of our favorite movies ever, he earns around $110 million a year! 3. Tiger Woods is actually the first athlete to make $100 million in a single year, but not all of it is from golf, Tiger works with companies like Gillette and Nike too!
4. Our favorite actor, Johnny Depp, is always well-paid!  His estimated pay for a year is about $92 million. 5. Jay-Z is one of the most successful music-producers in the world, he earns around $83 million. 6. Tom Hanks is not just a phenomenal actor, but he also has a succesful production company with his wife, Rita Wilson. He earns about $74 million a year. 7. Of course the Queen Of Pop Madonna is on the list! She made around $72 million a year! 8. Even though the last season of "Seinfeld" was shown a long, long time ago, Jerry Seinfeld still makes a lot of money! He makes around $60 million a year. 9. Elton John's fortune has been estimated at £250 million which makes him one of the riches guys i Hollywood. Some of the compositions that have made him the most money are: "Billy Elliot," "Aida" and "The Lion King." 10, Canadian singer, Celine Dion, is worth $260 million and makes around $45 million a year! She is one of the richest women in show biz, which is not surprising when you think of her golden voice!
Celebrities earn crazy amounts of money! A lot of them work really hard for their dough, like Oprah, who is now richer than Steven Spielberg! We found out the top ten richest celebs in show business, click on the pics to see who you should be begging for money the next time you want to go on a shopping spree!
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The Bride Has Left The Building!

Friday 1:07 PM, 29/04/2011
She looks radiant! The legendary Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish! Typical Posh to dress in all black on a wedding!
Kate Middleton departed her London hotel "The Goring" just mere hours ago to head down to the prestigious West Minister Abbey where she is to marry Prince William later this afternoon. We got a sneak peak of her wedding dress, but not a good enough one to properly comment on it yet. However we love the laced sleeves!

Half an hour later, we also saw Prince William arriving with his brother Prince Harry and after that we spotted some very famous wedding guests! Elton John with his partner David Furnish and the Beckhams! Aaahh it's all about to go down. Have you got wedding fever yet?
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Lady Gaga Loves Being A Godmother!

Thursday 6:12 PM, 28/04/2011
We can't think of a more fabulous godmother! Adorable!
As you may know, Sir Elton John chose Lady Gaga to be the godmother to his newborn son Zachary. A lot of people thought he was crazy for picking he...READ MORE ▶
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Guess What Elton John Receives In His Mail Every Day?

Tuesday 11:10 PM, 26/04/2011
No, we're not talking about fan mail! Elton actually receives daily shipments of breast milk from the surrogate mother of his son via FedEx! What a...READ MORE ▶
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Royal Wedding Guest List Revealed!

Sunday 2:50 PM, 24/04/2011
Ian Thorpe Joss Stone Guy Ritchie Rowan Atkinson Elton John
No doubt most of the cameras will be pointed on the couple itself but here's a list of other celebrities that are expected to show up to witness th...READ MORE ▶
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