Ellen DeGeneres

26 January 1958, Louisiana, USA
56 years

Sharon Stone, Anne Heche, Alexandra Hedison, Portia de Rossi
Ellen DeGeneres is the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and has also hosted the Academy Awards. She is openly homosexual and has dated Anne Heche and Portia de Rossi. She is a vegetarian.

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Check Out Kanye's New Diamond Teeth!

Thursday 10:31 AM, 21/10/2010
Kanye West did his first live television interview since the whole "Taylor Swift Incident" at the VMA Awards a year ago on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday and nevermind hearing about what he had to say, did you see his teeth?!

After talking about how he went to live in Japan,Rome and then Hawaii to get away from the media circus in the USA because of his bad behaviour at the VMAs, Ellen noticed something different about Kanye's smile. She asked him if he had a diamond grill, but Kanye explained its not a grill, he has had his entire bottom row of teeth replaced with diamonds! Sheez! He thinks its totally rockstar, but we are not so sure...

Here is a clip from the interview:
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Ellen's BIG Surprise for the Olsen Twins!

Monday 10:56 PM, 20/09/2010
Its not often that the media shy twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen do a live television interview, but who can resist going on the fun Ellen Degeneres talk show! The girls seem real cool and sweet and you could see Ellen really liked them, in fact she liked them so much she gave them special presents! The girls are known for starting the huge over-size handbag trend and so Ellen gave them matching big bags and of course sunglasses to complete the look! Too funny!
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Peta Attacks Gaga Over Meat Outfit!

Tuesday 8:47 AM, 14/09/2010
Ellen can't come near her! The veggie alternative!
Everyone is still talking about Lady Gaga's outrageous meat outfit at the VMA Awards on Sunday night. Gaga went on Ellen DeGeneres' live show straight after the awards ceremony and she was wearing the meat look, Ellen being a vegan, was pretty uncomfortable with the meat everywhere and even offered a vegan alternative outfit!

Ellen is not the only person upset by Gaga's meat, animal activist organisation PETA, has a whole lot to say about, as usual! They are saying that Gaga's outfit is offensive because it was butchered from animals who were tortured and didn't want to die. Gaga came out and made an apology yesterday saying that she didn't mean to offend anyone with the outfit and for her the outfit was a statement about herself. This is what she said: ""Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgment free human being on the earth,,but for me this evening, if we don't stand up for what we believe in and if we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones. And, I am not a piece of meat." Were you offended by Gaga's meat outfit? (Source: USMagazine)


Were you offended by the meat?

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Portia de Rossi: "I want to be a Degeneres!"

Tuesday 12:55 PM, 10/08/2010
What a cool couple!
Hollywood is still celebrating the turning over of Proposition 8 in California, a law that made all gay and lesbian marriages illegal. Now that California officially supports same sex partnerships again, the world's most famous lesbian married couple, Portia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres are taking their marriage another step further. Portia has filed the paper work to change her name to Degeneres, so she will take Ellen's name, just like a traditional marriage. Congratulations ladies! (Source:
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American Idol Shock: Ellen Out and J.Lo Might Be In!

Friday 8:33 AM, 30/07/2010
What would J.Lo be like on the panel? A rockstar on Idol?
Wow is there a shake-up happening inside American Idol this year! First Simon Cowell announced he was leaving and now new Judge Ellen Degeneres, who replaced Paula Abdul last year, has also dropped the bomb that she won't continue on as an Idol judge next season!

Elllen says she is a huge fan of the show, but she just couldn't handle handing out criticism, so there you go. The big question now is who will replace Ellen? The biggest rumour is that its Jennifer Lopez and some are saying that Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler is also in talks to join the show, but nothing is final yet. As we told you yesterday, there might be a chance that Jessica Simpson is taking Simon's seat, so its going to be a whole new panel this year!

The good news is we won't have to wait too long to find out, Fox is planning to make a big official announcement on the new American Idol judges this Monday! In the meantime, what do you think of all this drama? (Source:People)
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Jessica Simpson "I don't brush my teeth everyday!"

Thursday 2:37 PM, 29/04/2010
What a strange girl! Maybe this is why she is always single?
Ew! Jessica Simpson went on the Ellen Degeneres talk show yesterday and revealed a little bit too much information about herself! Jessica admitted that she doesn't brush her teeth very much, she says she does about 3 times a week! Oh no gross! Jess claims its because she has really, big, white smoothe teeth and when she brushes too often, they get so smoothe her tongue is always slipping on them. In case you're totally disgusted, Jessica says she uses mouthwash and floss every day so her breath is fresh, but ummm probably not so clean! No Jessica what a shock! (Source: UsWeekly)
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