Hair Inspiration At Golden Globes!

This year's Golden Globe-ceremony showcased a wide variety of styles when it comes to hair and beauty! Sometimes the right hair means more to the look than the dress, don't you think? We have listed the hottest Hairstyles at the Golden Globe! Click on the pictures and get inspired!
Lea Michele golden globes
Lea Michele with one of the stand-out hair trends of the night! Fantastic!
Evan Rachel Wood golden globes
Evan Rachel Wood in a classy look!
Kate Beckinsale golden globes
Kate Beckinsale with a voluminous up-do! So beautiful!
Elle Macpherson golden globes
Elle Macpherson in beautiful, golden curls!
Reese Witherspoon golden globes
Reese Witherspoon in a natural hairstyle! This look is fresh, modern and effervescen.
Salma Hayek golden globes
Salma Hayek looked great classic Hollywood-curls!
Kate Winslet golden globes
Gorgeous Kate Winslet!
Jessica Alba golden globes
Jessica Alba has nailed this Red Carpet look!
Dianna Agron golden globes
Dianna Argon with one of the top beuty looks of the night!
Published Jan 21 2012 10:03 AM
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