Elle Fanning

9 April 1998, Conyers, Georgia
16 years

Elle Fanning is the younger sister of Dakota Fanning. She has starred in Sofia Coppola's movie Somewhere and will be in the new JJ Abrams movie Super 8.
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Young And Stylish: Hollywood's Top 10 Most Promising Young Fashionistas!

Monday 12:01 PM, 23/07/2012
Mad Men-acress Kiernan Shipka ( 10th November 1999) is a serious fashion contender. You ca really see that Mad Men has influenced her private style, very 60's chic! This 15 year-old Hunger Games actress Isabelle Fuhrman is always dressed to impress. Keep it up, girl! Well, there's no doubt that 15-year old actress Chloe Moretz has talent,  but it is really her style that is blowing everyone away! Kylie Jenner (10th August 1997) has a passion for fashion and her  rolemodel is Nicole Richie:  “I like to mix edgy and boho. Nicole Richie has great fashion sense,” she has said. Bella Thorne (8th October 1997) is not afraid to stand ot on the red carpet. She is a fashionista to be reckoned with in the future, believe us! Ariel Winter ( 28th January 1998) is an American child actress, best-known for portraying "Ellie Layton" in the 2008 film, One Missed Call, and for the character of "Alex Dunphy" on Modern Family. Nowaydays, she has turned into a red carpet princess! The daughter of Madonna was inevitably going to start flexing her fashion skills in an early age! Now, the 16-year old fashionista has developed her own rock chic style. Willow Smith  is a true fashionista in the making! The 12-year old pop singer  has made more bold sartorial statements than many stars twice her age, and we are really looking forward to see more of this girl in the future. Suri Cruise was born into the world of fashion and fame. At the age of 6, we officially appoint Suri Cruise as Hollywood's youngest fashionista!
They are incredibly young and talented and on top of that - they all have an impeccable sense of style. Many of these young girls were born into a world of designer labels, fame and the ever-present paparazzi's. Not even 18 years old, they're impressing their fashion audience worldwide! Click on the pictures to check out Hollywood's youngest and most promising fashionistas right now!
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The Best Of: The Fanning Sisters! The It Girls of Today!

Monday 8:18 PM, 18/06/2012
Here is the younger sister Elle Fanning a bit more dressed down, but still adorable! Can you believe that she is only 14 years old? Daktota looks stunning here. Here´s Elle in a white lace dress, looking so fresh and clean! When we saw Dakota in this dress, we melted. Classy, classy, classy! And she´s only 18! Elle a bit younger. Look at the intensity in her eyes. She knows how to make the perfect smoulder. Dakota wearing more color than her usual style, but we love it! Elle looking naturally pretty! Yet again we see Dakota in a white sophisticated dress. We love the braiding in Elle's hair, it makes her look a bit like Rapunzel!
Dakota Fanning, 18, and Elle Fanning, 14, are some of the most successful and stylish sisters in Hollywood. Elle has participated in over 20 films already and her older sister Dakota in over 25 films! And they both have flawless taste when it comes to beauty and fashion: simple, classy and beautiful is their motto. We have chosen our favorite red carpet moments for these two incredibly talented sisters, click on the pics to see.
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The Best Dressed Celebrity Sisters!

Wednesday 11:19 PM, 23/05/2012
2. The youngest sisters on the list are Dakota Fanning and her younger sister Elle. 3. Claire, Virginie, Jenna and Prisca Courtin-Clarins - the four grand daughters of the founder of Clarins ended up in 3rd place. (Image from: Getty Images for Barneys New York) 4. In fourth place is Victoria's Secret angel. Lily Aldridge with her 20 year old sister Ruby. (Photo of Ruby from: www.trendsforthemasses.com) 5. Model sisters Poppy and Cara Delevigne looks fab in the fifth place! 6. Italian socialite sisters Coco and Bianca Brandolini looks stunning in their long dresses. 7. The only singers on the list are Beyonce with her sister Solange Knowles, we understand why! 8. French-English actor Charlotte Gainsbourg is on the list with her half sister Lou Doillon. 9. Kate Middleton is best dressed alongside her sister Pippa. We love their classic style! 10. At the tenth place we see Kate and Rooney Mara!
Elle Magazine announced their best dressed sisters of 2011 and we thought the list was spot on! We love these fashionable sisters and can't wait to...READ MORE ▶
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The Color Of The Year: Mint!

Wednesday 12:02 PM, 04/04/2012
Kate Bosworth in a mint green maxi skirt. Great with the pink lips and white tee. The gorgeous Felicity Jones looks stunning in mint. Eva Longoria looks sex in a mint green dress. Thanndie Newton in pale green heels! Spice Girl, Emma Bunton, in mint shoes! Rumer Willis rocks a pale green leather jacket- we want one! Love Lady Gaga's hair- would you dare? Michelle Williams. Little fashionista, Elle Fanning, in a bohemian dress!
This spring the hottest color is definitely mint green! And don't expect the color to just be big in spring, it is The Color Of The Year. Everything from hair to nails to clothes to shoes is mint! We've spotted some of our favorite celebrities rocking this trend, click on the pics to see more of this year's It Color.
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Elle Fanning In Talks To Play Sleeping Beauty!

Sunday 10:08 AM, 11/03/2012
We cross our fingers on this one!
This is amazing news! Elle Fanning is in talks to play Aurora in the upcoming Sleeping Beauty adaption Maleficent, which is slated to start filming...READ MORE ▶
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Celebrity Sleepover with Elle Fanning!

Thursday 10:16 AM, 29/12/2011
Young Daktota Fanning's even younger sister Elle Fanning was spotted yesterday in Studio CIty. Seems this cute 13-year-old was heading for a sleepover. We think it's so cute that Elle is continuing her normal teenage life, despite of hers and her sister's success. And we also believe it's really good for her!
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